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I made a guide for setting up a Pi-hole with Unbound DNS resolver. I tried to include everything you need to start from scratch.

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But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?

-Matthew 22:18

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Don't believe everything that you breathe.


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Clarification: I'm not saying don't post links to the other place. I'm just saying let's cool it on the screenshots of *actual* insanity / outrage being tossed here for shock value.

FFS, please stop reposting insanity from the Bird over here.

While I'm obviously disappointed I was blocked, I want to be absolutely sure none of my friends here attacks this person on my behalf.

I only want the content removed.


I never do this, but it needs to be said.

I asked @Gypsysoul68 to delete thier post of the Buffalo shooter's manifesto, because reposting these things inspire other people to the same actions.

The response was to block me. If I thought that was coming, I would have reported the post. But I thought asking first was reasonable.

I firmly believe that amplifying this kind of content is dangerous, and I know I'm not alone in that.

Please report this post and any others posting this content.

Great to see you again. So sorry about your theft. May the bastards that did it get what's coming to them.

We have some very talented musicians in this community. Many have shared their talents here and we especially love to support them with their bandcamp endeavors.

Check out hashtags and to find your favorites


Brand new to CoSo?

You’re receiving greetings from folks who got here just ahead of you…

Who were greeted by people ahead of them…

And so on, back to earliest days here.

It’s the CoSo way. Welcome to something different.


If you said something when you arrived, then you were already spammed welcomes. 😆

If you didn't, then Welcome to CoSo. We think you'll like it here. ✌️

I love that cryptobros are in a panic, and I can't wait for this whole cryptocurrency scam / delusion to utterly implode in epic fashion. It needs to die a swift and painful death.

I do NOT love that the people of El Salvador were yanked into this, and it's unconscionable that their president is doubling down.


El Salvador buys more bitcoin after ratings agency downgrades its debt | Ars Technica

I just received a password expiration notice from district IT.

It is so frustrating that they still use such outdated security practices. We can't even use a password generator because this one password is used for log on to all devices as well as access to all accounts via the SSO dashboard. MFA is also not a thing.

^ Currently you will need to add 'nosanitize' to all posts with links to Invidious here.

@th3j35t3r - Would it be possible to get these instances whitelisted in your firewall, please?

Invidious is a privacy-focused YouTube frontend without ads or tracking. I will be using it from now on whenever posting YT links.

Note that you need to choose an instance (select Use Invidious) or host your own.

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