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For the new kids here.

Welcome Home !

I post a lot of links here.

I neither endorse, nor oppose the views in said links.

I post to inform.

Things I try to do in toots.

1. Use Hashtags to help us find stuff.
2. Try and find the original source.
3. Attribute, include author(s) name.
4. Quote a small bit of article.
5. Whenever possible include link to underlining paper.

Let me know if there is any other info you might want me to include.

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A few new people here:

So I am preemptively going to explain my screen name.
Saves time.

Corlin = my real name.

$ rm -f -r president.45.*

Is a Unix, or Linux command line instruction.

$ = user prompt

rm = remove, or put in trash

-f = force, or show no warnings, override all warnings

-r = recursive, any and all sub folders, or files.

president.45 = the 45 president

* = everything, or anything that has to do with the 45 president

Odd combination of Petrichor and Wood Smoke.

Good old fashioned thunder storm running through. Intermittent heavy rain. High altitude lighting.
Feels wonderful. I am at work looking for leaks. Found a few new ones. Timing my outside patrols, between downpours.

Thank the Goddess for the rain !


For all of you.

I work tonight, then get one night off, then back to regular two nights a week. So come Tuesday, I will be back with my usually link fest.

Question ?

I have missed two weeks of Magazine uploads. Do you wish me to just upload the current issues or all the ones I have missed.

I Have set up a temporary computer set-up here in town. Recreated all my servers, from online backups. So good to go.

You Do Have an Offsite backup don't you !

Have not even finished my first cup of coffee.
Went outside in my underwear just to stand in the rain.
And Bless the goddess.

Even though it is 9:30 PM.... many people were in the street, hands raised.

Yay oh Yea !

It Is Raining !!!!!!
Just woke up to the sound of thunder !

You Have no Idea what a relief this is, to those battling more than a week of forest fire.

i am too emotional at seeing rain.

you guys - it's raining.

Translating a Wildfire Emergency.

Photo by Thomas Hart/Flickr
Words By Yessenia Funes

Wildfire disaster response agencies largely share information in English. In California, where 25 major wildfires continue to rage, this language gap can severely threaten the state’s growing Spanish-speaking community.

Very sad news:

( Not yet confirmed. But likely.)

Search continues after storied forest advocate goes missing in Oregon wildfire.

One of the great environmentalist heroes of recent decades is George Atiyeh. Nephew of the last Republican governor of Oregon Vic Atiyeh, this former logger bucked the industry and made a life crusade to protect the Opal Creek Wilderness.

Again.... for those in the back row.

The best word to describe the current administration is.


Sadopopulist leaders follow a simple formula:

1. Identify An “enemy”
2. Enact Policies That Create Pain In Their Own Supporters
Blame The Pain On The “enemies”
3. Present Themselves As The Strongmen Who Can Fight And Defeat The Enemies. They Govern By Creating Pain And Manipulating Fear.

In video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a video lens that uses hand gestures to show comic-book style messages instead. So far it's been pretty fun.

The Independent Media Institute’s Voting Booth project has a new website that will feature the latest news and trends about how people will vote this fall, and how their votes will be counted and verified.

Differential Privacy Blog Series.

This series is designed to help privacy program personnel understand basic concepts about differential privacy and applicable use cases and to help privacy engineers and IT professionals implement the tools. Our longer term goal is to transform this series into more in-depth guidelines on differential privacy.

To Listen to:

Angela Chen on Asexuality in a Sex-Preoccupied World.

Asexual people, or “aces,” haven’t been front and center in the public discussion of gender and sexuality, and as a result there is confusion about such basic issues as what “asexuality” even means. Angela Chen is an ace herself, and she’s written a new book about asexuality and how it fits into the wider discussion of sex and gender.


Microbrewery Workers United!

This is a good explainer about unions, asking and then answering the questions people have. Unions aren’t just about money. They aren’t about antagonism. They are about workers having power. Workers don’t want to drive their employers out of business. They want jobs! And they want those jobs to be fair. Sadly, too many employers don’t recognize this.

Isolation and Opioids During the Pandemic.
by Mattea Kramer

Drug-overdose deaths were up 13% in the first seven months of this year compared to 2019, according to research conducted by the New York Times covering 40% of the U.S. population. More than 60% of participating counties nationwide.

(Local bad news)

The Era of Disaster Militiaism in America.

The vigilantes running wildfire checkpoints in Oregon are the latest right-wing militants to take advantage of a crisis.
By Melissa Gira Grant

The citizen preservation militias now go by the more anodyne title “Community Preparedness Teams,” a deliberate part of the Oath Keepers’ base-building efforts and attempts not to look like a militia group.

The Economic Case for a People's Vaccine.

Ensuring a COVID-19 vaccine is available to all makes both moral and economic sense.
By Sanjay G. Reddy, Arnab Acharya

"Even if a vaccine were like any other consumer good, the economic case for a people’s vaccine would be strong. The special nature of health only strengthens the case."

Air quality index where I am am.
Salem Oregon = 412

Better than yesterday. But still very bad.

Please do that dance, or whatever, to bring rain !

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$ rm -f -r president.45.*

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