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i have a special GIFt for you this morn-fter-ning, my CoSo friends... just a little something to make you smile for a moment in virtual triumph!💝

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‘During This Interview, 10-12 People Will Die From Covid’
Dr. Osterholm Speaks To The Scary Reality

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USAG Barr definitely should.
An ongoing investigation case against company that employed him as counsel right after their offices were raided for federal tax fraud were halted just ONE WEEK, after Barr's nomination. Memo was sent to USDOJ Tax Div freezing the investigation immediately, with no explaination.

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VERIFY: Yes, employers and schools can soon require COVID vaccines
But it’s unclear if they can do it before those vaccines are fully licensed. Here's a look at what the experts say.

Cosonauts: we have a serious oxygen shortage problem in many of our hospitals. Is there ANY way we can help solve this?

Just brainstorming at this point, but maybe:

-Divers and diver shops could donate equipment/filled tanks
-Other industries using O2 tanks could abstain and donate at this time?
-Rapid manufacture of O2 concentrators or equipment used to fill tanks
-Initiating defense production act, even when Trump doesn't give a damn
-Borrowing from a country not in crisis (e.g. NZ)


French computer programmer, 35, dies in suspected suicide as it's revealed he donated more than $500,000 in Bitcoin to far-right activists involved in MAGA riot including one pictured on steps of the Capitol who got $250,000

Poor baby, he could've rejected the position/resigned honourably/told Trump to suck an egg at ANY time & been offered a *better* position immediately...

"I cannot wait to leave this job", Acting Defense Secretary Miller goes on incoherent rant about his $200K-a-year job, F-35 fighters' flaws and likens Pentagon's weapon spending to having "a hangover"

Last month, the makers of one of the most promising coronavirus vaccines reported that hackers stole confidential documents they had submitted to a European Union regulatory bod

On Friday, word emerged that the hackers have falsified some of the submissions’ contents and published them on the Internet


Manhattan DA expands criminal investigation into Trump Organization finances to include family compound in Westchester County in probe over whether company inflated values for tax benefits

Officer Goodman deserves a freaking medal and a bonus!

MAGA mob was only 100 feet from the office where Mike Pence, his wife and his daughter were hiding when hero Capitol cop led rioters in the wrong direction after the violent crowd missed him by just one minute in hallway
[Daily Mail, updated 17:09 EST]

More than 4,800 boxes of ice cream are found to be contaminated with Covid in China as authorities scramble to contact people who could be affected 😷 🍨
[Daily Mail, updated 1:15 AM EST]

Lawmakers gave groups ‘reconnaissance’ tours of the Capitol one day before riots, Democratic congresswoman says
[WaPo, 13 Jan 2021]

Trump Administration Will Let More Doctors Prescribe Drug To Fight Opioid Addiction.
Doctors will no longer need a special federal waiver in order to prescribe buprenorphine, a medication to treat opioid use disorder.

This 👇

"My fellow white people, this blatant attempt to preserve white supremacy at all costs, including overthrowing democracy, should be a wake-up call to all of us. We should be yowling at the top of our lungs against anyone trying to silence the voices of our brothers and sisters of color in this or any situation. We always should have been, but now more than ever."

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