Trump is loving draping himself in these All-American events like Daytona, it was a most profitable weekend for Trump

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It's Your Saving Grace (When Boz was still with him)

Democrats who want to leverage Trump’s unpopularity to move the country leftward should support Bernie Sanders. Democrats who prefer a return-to-normalcy campaign should unite behind a normal politician like Amy Klobuchar. Those who choose Bloomberg should know what they’re inviting: An exchange of Trumpian black comedy for oligarchy’s velvet fist.

Russ Douthat with some advice...

To choose Bloomberg as the alternative to Trump, then, is to bet that a chaotic, corrupt populist is a graver danger to what remains of the Republic than a grimly-competent plutocrat with a history of executive overreach and strong natural support in all our major power centers.

That seems like a very unwise bet.

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All Strung Out Over You

It could then finally embrace its duty to write a long-overdue comprehensive immigration bill, based on American traditions of tolerance and humanity, that would include a reasonable and functional border barrier.

That is a ridiculous price to pay so that the president can revel in chants of “Build the Wall” from followers, most of whom would surely vote for him with or without a wall.

Trump has taken 10B of National Security Funding for his bleepin' wall...

Congress, aware that the wall is costly nonsense, ought not allow itself to be sidestepped. It could vote down the state of emergency — and the White House veto that would follow.

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Breaking Up Somebody's Home

“The most distressing element of these documents is that they show the police both locally and nationally lining up, in a rigid way, behind corporations carrying out fossil fuel extraction.”

Most compelling read about LE is teaming up with corporations, in this case in Oregon, a corp. bought part of a town's police force, and how dastardly peeps do dastardly things...

Getting in bed with LE...

The cost of the event, however — totaling $26,250 — was paid by Pembina Pipeline Corp., the Canadian fossil fuel company that owns the Jordan Cove project.
In fact, for nearly four years, Pembina was the sole funding source of a unit in the sheriff’s office dedicated to handling security concerns related to Jordan Cove — despite the fact that there is not yet any physical infrastructure in place to keep secure.

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