Coming soon in audio! The story of a werewolf masquerading as a superhero and the vampire hunting her. These two enemies must find a way to work together to stop an invasion of extradimensional demonic beings.

Meet Maia, AKA Devilfish, a rookie hero assigned to a new team that protects the people around the Arctic. When a rescue mission takes a dark and dangerous turn, the situation calls for far more experienced and powerful heroes, but Just Cause Arctic Circle is on their own with the fate of the world in the balance.

This tale is unfortunately a reflection of current news. When police kill an unarmed black man, this small town erupts in a wave of protests. The kids of the Neighborhood Watch are caught in the middle, wanting to support the rights of the civilians while keeping violence from escalating.

Video games meet superheroes in this LitRPG adventure set in the Just Cause Universe. When super-hacker Vanitha is trapped in her own game, she has to speedrun it to escape or risk loosing a terrible evil upon the world.

Chloe, aka WyldWing, is a first-year student with great aspirations to join Just Cause. She and her friends uncover a plot to destroy the school, but who will believe a bunch of kids? They'll have to stop it themselves.

Aliens invade, blockading New York City inside an impenetrable force field. An unlikely alliance of top-tier superheroes, low-power also-rans, and even supervillains must unite to push the invaders out of the city and off the planet.

Some superhero stories have earth-shaking consequences. This one has three talking apes (because four would be ludicrous). Jackrabbit is back, and he's searching high and low in Japan for his best friend Bunny, who was kidnapped by ninjas. Really.

The Neighborhood Watch is a team of seventh-grade superheroes, doing their best to protect their small hometown. When they discover an actual supervillain, things get wild.

Coming soon in audio! Mustang Sally owes a favor to supervillain Destroyer, and in this book he collects on it. He reveals his younger sister has been in a lengthy coma following an attack upon her, and he needs Sally to try to awaken her by journeying through her psyche. It's an odd request, but a favor is a favor, and the journey will change Sally forever.

Set in 1980 in Hong Kong, an important piece of Just Cause Universe lore is explored in this book. Meet Lionheart, an honorable warrior who doesn't yet know about his enduring legacy.

I have a new book coming out next month! Like so many others in the series, it's an homage to a specific genre, filtered through a superheroic lens. This one is a 90s action movie.

As Mustang Sally takes command of the brand new Just Cause New York, a political conspiracy to destroy the team rears its ugly head. The fugitive heroes will have to somehow bring the conspirators to justice while still staying one step ahead of the law.

When Mustang Sally's friend is found murdered, it's only the beginning of a mystery with world-shaking implications. Sally must risk everything to go undercover and bring the killer to justice before it's too late.

A teenager is granted godlike powers to save the world from an invasion of alien insects. Unfortunately, the Rabbit God doesn't quite have A-list powers, and Jay isn't sure how he can save the world by jumping real high. Coming soon in audio!

When superpowered prisoners stage a daring escape from a supposedly inescapable prison, it falls to a pair of guards to try to stop them. Edge of your seat thrills in this one!

Destroyer is a major supervillain in the Just Cause Universe. His story begins in this book set before and during the New York City Blackout of '77.

I don't usually post links to books (I figure if someone really wants to read one, they're easy enough to find), but this is a pretty big promo for indie superhero authors: 15 books, each for 99c. If you need something new to read or just want to pick up a lot of entertainment on the cheap, get them here:

Magic and superheroes have gone hand in hand since the beginning of the genre. Mustang Sally and her team must stop a powerful mage from taking over the world.

All stories have a beginning. Mustang Sally's starts here as she tries to earn her spot on the world's premier superhero team: Just Cause. Download the ebook for from all online retailers.

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