Dear millennial:
You are in a Mexican restaurant that has a menu full of delicious, diverse dishes of multiple ethnic origins. Stop trying to order everything off-menu and have a burrito or some posole, you awful, entitled, bearded douche-tattoo.

In case anyone wonders about these posts, I'm the author of a long-running superhero fiction series called the Just Cause Universe. You can find the titles at all online retailers if you're curious. They're available in print, audio, and ebook formats. I have books outside of the superhero stuff too, but capes and masks seems to be what people want most these days.

Going to the grocery store tonight was like riding historic to Valhalla. Since when is a Valentine's Day Eve an invitation to run the Fury Road?

Any of you Cosonauts listen to audiobooks or read ebooks? I'm of a mind to give away a few review copies tonight. Visit and see what interests you, then come back here and DM me. I'll either send you an Audible promo code or an ebook file. All I ask is that in return you post a review and send me a link to it.

If you REALLY liked it, it would be great if you'd spread the word to your circles and maybe buy the next one (so I can afford to keep writing them).

I just said to my 21-year-old son that when I was growing up, we had one phone and it had a cord. He said yeah, that's a land line I know what that is. I asked if he knew what a busy signal was. Completely serious, he said no.

Fuck, I'm old.

Writing has been a real struggle recently with all the stress around my unplanned dual bathroom remodel. I did get about a half a page written tonight, so that's something. I've been pretty low, and the muse hasn't had much to say as of late. Still, if I don't write anymore books, I probably won't sell many more either.

The book genre I write in the most-superheroes-is being deliberately overrun by authors who don't belong there, and Amazon is letting it happen.

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