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Do you use an app, website, or both to connect with

Hey world; is anyone else able to use this site on Firefox? I can't get it to load/it takes 10 minutes. This a known bug?

Hey, anybody know why BotSentinel needs permissions to access data for ALL websites in Firefox? Seems like an overreach to me and I can't find anything on their twitter explaining it.

I put up a multi-cam live stream of the spillgates and flooding.

Wanted to combine the streams from better.

I never thought I would see my wonderful state of imploding like it is - all because our governor is trying to keep us safe.

On top of that, all the crazy racists are coming out of hiding with all these BLM protests, and boy howdy is our state racist

@Periwinkle Although it is still a stream out of China, so who actually knows, unless this dude has a great VPN and isn't afraid of the CCP @EnochianEntropy @Klaatu_Veratta_Nectarine

@Periwinkle Yeah I've seen that. There has been a lot more rain since then.

India is really mad at China so I hope they release more images.

I am feeling dumb. Wanted to see if anyone is talking about even though GHY-na is banned...but I can't figure out how to search.

I think something is wrong with me?

Please people....please just wear a mask. It isn't fucking political; its about the health of the country there a way to find out why is tuned to a particular channel? Very interested what is going on in my state

Holy crap. Not to jinx myself...but we are one hour away from no tonight. *knocks on wood*

For reference, it has been every night since Memorial Day.

@th3j35t3r A thought about the leaderboard. Ordering by work units doesn't actually show who has done the most work. You will have far less units worth way more points when doing GPU computing. Just look at the top10 on the stats page; they aren't going to match up:

Hmm...the fact that the BotSentinel Firefox extension wants to view my download history screams bad to me, @th3j35t3r

Holy crap when did we get the hosted Jitsi Meet instance in the sidebar...that's awesome @th3j35t3r , thank you

Is it just me or is that contrast quite rough on the eyes? (I am so I fully expect it to just be me)

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