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Erm...we have a wayward chicken. Came right up to me and started talking.

"This status quo has been accepted for far too long. For the sake of the next generation of students (and, to the extent that well-mentored researchers produce better research, for the sake of the advisers, too) it’s time for a change."

I just saw this and it was wonderful and made me cry for what should have been since it was spoken... 😢

Enjoy the day...

Check out this video on YouTube:

Arggghhh... Did someone say we needed to update our avatarrrrrs to look like pirates?

Forgive me, forgive me
Don't it sound more clear when I'm
Screaming say after day

Colter Wall - Living on the Sand

In a historic move, a judge orders the USPS to begin treating all election mail as first-class mail and undo any changes made by the postmaster general

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