HeadphonesNeil Reviews WE060223 update

Due to timing issues, this week's is being moved to next week and will be 2 weeks of reviews

Gameplay videos are still being uploaded to the channel as ready


Who else wants a film that's set in an alternate universe where the gang is sent to real to solve a crime on order to get back to their version of the city πŸ˜›

Think meets πŸ€“

I call today a net win...I learned how to import different elements into , create a title card and setup fade-ins and outs then export my results πŸ€“

All I have to do now is ensure export quality remains good and I think I'm set for initial video editing goals

I don't know what changed for season 3, but it's firing on all cylinders πŸ€“

*And I don't know what's better, stoic or pacifist 🀣🀣

(well technically yesterday but today confirmed it) that if you take a photo with 10-bit color on, will turn it into a 3D-ish animation (never happened with 10bc off)...

So far the best parts of season 7 are and the episodes and πŸ€“

They got me stoked to find out how the season ends!

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