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The nutrients Venus flytraps receive from insects allows them to blossom, and create seed. They bloom far above their deadly traps, to ensure the safety of their pollinator friends, only taking the lives they need to as they dance the dance of survival for those who fit.
Their niche is delicate, the balance of their environment is easily damaged, but their strategy still shows remarkable adaptability and resilience, even cooperation. (thread)

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You have said something that gives someone hope. You have done something that makes someone smile, even years later. You are remembered. You have warmed someone's heart.

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Oyster mushrooms are growing in the outside bins better than they are in the indoor bin on cardboard, where it has been taken over by wet bubble disease. The pink spawn seems healthy, so far, but I decided to grab a bucket of it and bury it in nearly every pot or bin in the garden, just in case.

It's weird how I'm joking, and yet she's learned what a spore was today, and a bit more about vaccines.

Fascist is called out bullshit that they've been called out on before.

They will not stop telling the same lies because the truth doesn't serve them and so has no value.

Everything must serve and support the fascist in all ways or otherwise make them comfortable, anything else is to be disregarded and destroyed.

has been commemorated with a ReAction Figure, faithfully capturing the likeness of Mark Mothersbaugh. Decked out in a red energy dome and black gear from the legendary "Whip It" music video, the figure stands 3.75" tall and even includes a whip and a bowl of whipped cream. IYKYK 🤣

You wanna talk about pride? I can't tell you how proud I am of my trans girl. She started hanging out with the little girls when she was in preschool, they would paint her nails and fix her makeup, and I would pick her up and she'd be in a play princess dress, asking to wear the ladybug next. Evidence faded over the years, I quietly waited and made sure anyone who said she was too effeminate because I was a single mom was silenced. That egg didn't crack until she was 18, and I was so proud.

The Fairness Doctrine was put in place in the 1930's during the rise of radio and the rise of fascism in Europe (many were fearful and concerned long before 1939).
Propaganda is a serious issue and allowing lies to be spread as "news" is a tool employed by propagandists, especially in the United States where people still assume that some law governs news agencies.
That is not the case anymore since Reagan had the fairness doctrine lifted from the mandates of regulation of the FCC.

Joe's been a little worried about me homeschooling, so I was pretty smug when I told him the news that our school district is facing some drama with illiteracy rates and a whistleblower got fired, is suing. Apparently the kids aren't being taught phonics, just to memorize words, and they often memorize what the teacher says instead of focusing on the word and associating it with its meaning. My baby is learning phonics :).

✨ Your words matter. Share a compliment with someone today and watch their face light up. Spread kindness one kind word at a time. 🙌❤️

Cool, the Washington Post is running a sale and I've officially finally bought a paper subscription for the first time in my life, so I'm an adult now.



We need to get cracking on sharing adorable otter images

It's not too late!

Crossing my fingers at Oklahoma school system. They got a lawsuit going on because their plan for employee wages was so low it was illegal. I grew up knowing our teachers were some of the lowest paid in the nation, "good" teachers went elsewhere. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized the ones who stayed had a driving passion to teach us critical thinking skills (for some reason). Oklahoma might be shooting themselves in the foot. Revolutionaries work cheap.

Great advice for calming irate customers down. Check out the emotional maturity on this teenager! Makes sense. This teen grew up to travel rural Oklahoma with her planetarium, combating science deniers (flat earthers must love planetariums) using patience and frequently recommending Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World. She promises she will read a book they recommend if they read one she recommends, then gives out her email so the conversation can continue.

@tippitiwichet you sound like a “blossoming” visual media artist to me… check out the photos of Craig P. Burrows, flowers under UV light (the same spectrum many birds see)🌺🪷😃📷🌷🌸

Only jumped at loud sounds three times today. Do not feel the same stepping outside. And this is even with no one getting hurt. Just a bunch of bullies with an assault rifle making sure a community is on edge this fireworks filled holiday weekend. Two am. Am awake. Kind of want to punch a gun lobbyist in the face.

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