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Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever invented.
-- Capt. Kathryn Janeway

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Dear Trump Supporters,

That money he told he desperately needed to help him get re-elected

went right in his pocket.

New FEC filing: Trump Victory paid ~$400,000 to Trump Hotel in Q2 alone—steering over $3 MILLION in donations from presidential campaign donors to Trump family, properties & businesses with his 2020 re-election campaign & Trump MAGA joint fundraising cmte—$17.4M+ counting 2016

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howdy folks

hope you're all enjoying your time here on CoSo

pretty great, eh?

real folks, intelligent discourse, cat pics, wildly varying genres of music posted on hashtag MarshMusic (tee hee)

here's the catch

our fearless leader is makin all this possible by his lonesome

how can I help, you ask?


Patreon can be $1/mo

CoSo Pro is $5/mo, but get mad extra goodies

DonorBox is one time or reocurring

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Everyone should be tasked w watching Nicolle Wallace's closing minutes, "Lives well lived." Putting faces on the numbers.

Today, a 61 y/o nurse who died, attended by her colleagues, 2 1/2 wks after admission to hospital. Then, a 21 y/o woman, youth mentor, who died in the Cleveland Clinic awaiting a double lung transplant.

She closed by looking straight into the camera and saying to us, "So put your mask on. Do it for them." She had tears in her eyes. So did I.

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Good morning CoSo 💛

Remember, it’s about who you loved, how they felt, what you did, how you helped.

Everything else is just stuff.

Have a beautiful Tuesday ☀️

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Next time you see someone post but only 1% is very small number we can’t close down business and schools !

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"I wish to make a return."
"We can help you with that. What are you returning?"
"Oh boy, there's been a run on them. Can I ask the reason you're returning it?"
"It's defective"
"Yeah, we're getting that a lot. Do you have your receipt?"
"Uh, no. Can I do an even trade?"
"I'm sorry, 2020 has been recalled, so we're out of stock."
"Then if it's been recalled, can't I just get my money back?"
"Sorry, not without a receipt"

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i think it's time for oatmeal. Maybe with walnuts & cardamon, and a bit of dark brown sugar.

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It would be a disaster if the outcome of the presidential election turned on an incomplete recount in a state struggling with unprecedented public health and administrative challenges under a deadline.

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Being a polyglot results in some funny AI behavior on my phone. This week's example: all the sports-related news stories that pop up on my news aggregator app are now in Spanish. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I was going to try to only follow CoSoNauts who had "gone Pro". But there are so many interesting / quiky /smart / funny folks who haven't done that yet. So... Go Pro! If you can, it is worth every penny of the price of a fancy coffee per month (who's buying lattes these days?). @th3j35t3r keeps adding value and computing power for us.

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An antidote to my prior post, some mighty fine peanut butter chocolate porter:

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Working in the ICU today was hot, claustrophobic, and intense. First off, Facilities redirected us, so we had to add a 220 outlet for a heavy duty spot cooler in the temp ICU. It is real hot under multiple layers of PPE so this was a big relief for the nursing staff. But climbing above the ceiling to route a temporary cable was seriously claustrophobic in the PPE I was wearing, and i was glad to be done with that part of the job.

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Is there an emoji for feeling hopeless or helpless? Seems like 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just doesn’t do enough justice. And I am so over the ineptitude of our “leaders” and feel we will all suffer untold casualties for some time to come. Where’s the bourbon?

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