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One of the most profound interviews I’ve seen. And absolutely worth the watch.

From the tonight show.

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I both have lots to say and nothing at all. I suppose this is called SchrΓΆdingers toot?

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Just remember after each news alert the answer to β€œAm I losing my mind?” is. β€œNo”. This is psychological warfare. Do not accept this as the new normal. The world deserves better than this. It’s up to each of us to hold each other accountable. .

Just got a notification that my LinkedIn account was part of a 33 million account dump! Changing my password now! So grateful for my identity theft monitoring!

can we please get to the point where we can say "hind sight is 2020" ?

I don't know who needs to hear this, but this is for you.

You matter. You are loved and accepted as you are. We do care about you and where your head is at.

And I will be the first one to tell you when it is up your ass.

Love yaπŸ’œ

Anyone else wonder if people protested the closing of the wells during the bubonic plague?

The head of counterintelligence for the USG during the Snowden days texted me this last night, β€œTrump commuted Stone’s conviction. We are a dictatorship.”

If you make a field required, and use a regex to enforce a certain format, maybe just for funsies, inform the user what the format is. This guessing game of how you want me to enter something SUCKS.

This Is How We Rock - Clean Bandit vs. twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy & More (Mashup)

the world appears to be going to sh*t, but the mortgage rates are Fing low....

Hanes now makes masks. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Curious why they state they should only be used for 20 washes tho. Pretty sure my tshirts are good for more than 20 washes. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I posted a link to here in a gamers chat im on. lets see if anyone shows πŸ€”

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