Welcome to Home to 23,153
users and counting. Checkout this handy dandy help doc counter.social/userguide.pdf Or look for the tag for a whole lot more help. Ppl are friendly. Start up a conversation πŸ™ƒ

Been a while since I’ve done this. So here goes.

*steps up to the 🎀 *

For our new members Welcome to ! Home to 22,047 users.


For you old 🎩. β€˜Sup?

If my morning math is correct we are 12 people/deities/random users away from the 20 thousand mark.

We are only TWO members away from 14,000!!!

Damn. Bring it home for the :gippy: er

Damn. Someone :gippy: must have advertised 😜 31 users until 14k.

Welcome to new peeps! Help doc is linked on my homepage 😁

Make that 52 peeps to go until we bust that 14k milestone! Let’s roll out the red carpet for some more friends shall we?!?

Good morning We are Now just 62 humans, deities, alien, or other quasi-intelligent life forms away from 14k users. Let’s see if we can’t reach that milestone before we create a million toots.

That’s right folks. 71 until 14k. That would mean we will have eclipsed the birdsites first year of growth in a fraction of that time. Let’s do this

Thank @Gippy we are scalable. Just 83 peeps until we hit 14k users. Have you invited anyone lately???

Holy πŸ’©! We are 99 peeps from hitting 14k users here at ! Let’s see how fast we can go. Make :gippy: (and probably :jester: ) happy!!!

*taps 🎀 *. Ok folks this is not a drill! We are 185 users away from 14k. let’s get to promoting! Make :gippy: @Gippy happy!

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CounterSocial is the first Social Network Platform to take a zero-tolerance stance to hostile nations, bot accounts and trolls who are weaponizing OUR social media platforms and freedoms to engage in influence operations against us. And we're here to counter it.