My Aunt just told me Boris is in intensive care☹️

🤣🤷‍♀️I don't remember writing this

Had to take hubs for a small ride in his baby(his truck;ugh😂). His mental health is important; as much as we can, we self isolate, but sometimes just 5 minutes of riding in the sun & maybe going inside the drugstore & browsing (no touching anything until deciding) his favorite snacks lets him feel somewhat normal & his BiPolar side appeased. If we go on full lockdown; it'll be harder to keep him in; he gets moody & sleeps when he can't get out.

Not expecting anyone to jump on the subscription buzz but new poll up on the patreon about writing a new song if you're keen to have some input ❤️

My close friend who was looking after me during quarantine has been missing since friday. Filed a missing persons report on sunday and its tuesday with still no word. Has all my cards but not used them. Country is in lockdown and police have told us we can't look for them. Haven't felt this worried in a long time.

🤣 Glad to know I'm not the only one not quite feeling like myself 😂🔊

Morning CoSo
I'm going to make the best of this Monday in as many ways as I can
starting with the best thing ever COFFEE !

A friend from the UK sent me this video. I have no idea, as a non-medical person if this is true or not.. though I did look up and the person is indeed an ER doctor in Brooklyn.

Comments suggest a tie in with 5G technology, another potential controversy I am clueless about..

I thought maybe smarter minds than mine could make sense of this..

Sadly, we attended a funeral today as we mourned the passing away of Squishy the Fishy. He was laid to rest in the garden where the bunny-goyles have pledged to stand guard and protect him as he enters the ocean of immortality. Be at constant motion, Squishy. Thank you for bringing many smiles to the youngest amongst us. 💟🐟

Free Resources on MUSE During COVID-19
The following publishers have chosen to temporarily make content freely available on Project MUSE. Each publisher designates the specific content and for how long it will be freely available on MUSE. We will update this list on a daily basis.

So watching yet one more daily briefing, I want to apologize once again for voting for Donald Trump in 2016. I’m truly sorry. I apologize for helping to put this horrible human being in the White House.

And I’m doing all I can do to make sure he’s not re-elected in November.
- Joe Walsh; Former Rep GOP House Member; Former Republican

Nurses at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center protested outside their hospital demanding more personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves

@stark @Irishroze
^ There is also the issue of fair and equal access. By now, most districts have likely gotten computers of some sort into the hands of students who need them. Did they also ensure all students have internet access?

Can all students be on for the lesson at the set time, or do their parents need the computer for their work? If so, then the web chat needs to be recorded. If that happens, student cameras must be off, by law.

So I've been sent home from my "essential" job because one of employees tested positive covid-19.

At least it's a paid vacation ...

Just give me a book and a TV and I'll be fine..

Be safe out there..

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