@MrsE0113 And who the hell would want to substitute teach? How do you insure the sub isn't bringing something in from another job?


'Asked whether contact tracing had confirmed a link between the rally and the increase in cases, Leanne Stephens, a spokeswoman for the health department, said it “will not publicly identify any individual or facility at risk of exposure, or where transmission occurred.”'

I'm gonna take that as a "yes"

So my Sis is on Tik Tok. I’m like wtf are you dragging me into? Damnit good people getting digitally raped. All their shit just handed to China and the GRU. Cuz don’t think for one second Putin ain’t got game in this one.

Remember, only some of these heinous acts are caught on video.

“I demand a female officer.”

Incredibly ironic that Austin Police
uses “I CARE” as an acronym to explain their department values.


Rasmussen: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by ten points in the 2020 race, 50-40.

Trump is getting 74% of the GOP vote while Biden gets 79% of Democrats.

Among independents, Biden is leading by 12 points, 48-36.

Rasmussen traditionally has favored Republicans for decades

This is one Rasmussen poll that Trump will not be tweeting out.

@Render srs though we are truly f***ed. I can't say for sure the protests are safe or not, but I doubt they'll have the impact that the wildly irresponsible behavior will. There are block parties going on all the time in illegally rented homes. And I know those aren't safe. And this is in one of the worst hit areas in the whole country. People are dumb :(

And in other states... with bars open... doomed.

@Render there's really no evidence of any correlation between increased cases and the protests either. Plenty of evidence that bars spread the infection though. And it isn't like people aren't trying to link the protests to Covid, the evidence just isn't there.


I still haven't seen any evidence that protesting in large groups confers any sort of immunity to C19.

@Expecting_Words @Render Think original protests around 5/30 didn’t spread COVID much because numbers were low...that’s changing fast.

@Render It's hard to really do justice to the constant quarantine parties but like imagine every 1/10 mile^2 has one of these parties at all times and they're fitting between 30-80 people into a brownstone (or whatever). It's pretty much the same deal with a bar. Very limited air circulation, no social distancing, and drunk slobbery people w/ limited mask use.

It's been driving me crazy for the last 2 months or so.


The Supreme Court just gave Republicans a powerful new weapon against Obamacare.

What kind of political party seeks to destroy healthcare for millions of Americans, all while refusing to do anything to give those Americans health care.

It isn't a political party, its a Corporate Empire, that seeks to suck every single dine it can off the backs of working Americans regardless of who it kills.

This isn't politics,


Daniel Uhlfelder @DWUhlfelderLaw:
BREAKING: Dozens of Florida hospitals have no available intensive care units, according according to data released Tuesday afternoon by the state. ICU beds are at capacity at 54 hospitals across 25 counties and 30 hospitals reported that their units were more than 90% full.

Omg fucking pls I do they not know how to fly a mother fucking helicopter at this point. We have all talked with the ‘Community Service Deputy’ for this grid on the Next Door App. It can’t be ‘training missions’ at this pint. JFC have you got a 30-Odd-6 I can borrow? I can run up to this gun shop on the corner and get a scope for it.

FDA advises consumers not to use hand sanitizer products manufactured by Eskbiochem

FDA advises consumers not to use any hand sanitizer manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico, due to the potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol), a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. FDA has identified the following products manufactured by Eskbiochem:


This is just killing me today. In his opening testimony Lt. Col. Vindman assured his father that in the USA it's okay to tell the truth and stand up to power.

But today he's leaving our military because a tiny, vindictive, corrupt man short circuited his career.


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