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My latest story, All Manner of Beast & Man is a thriller/horror novella that takes a deep dive into my experiences with disorder.

All Manner of Beast & Man

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I have been making art my whole life but the most amount of work I have put into any project is these two books: Bell’s Codex and my magnum opus.

The premise is that an author releases a book encrypted in a secret code and offers a reward for solving it. Bell’s Codex is a novel about people trying to solve it. my magnum opus is the ACTUAL code from the story which I created as well. The is real and the clues for solving it are in the novel!

New blog post: Engagement. Who are we and how are we meant to relate to the world?

Good morning, . This is a post. Like your steampunk in the Wild West, your stories quick and exciting, and costing less than a lottery ticket? Check out my Airship Lies collection for only 99 cents!

Cold brew from a whisky glass on a hot day. There are few delights finer.

I just finished reading “Feral City” by Jeremiah Moss. It is a memoir of the magical transition that New York City underwent during the pandemic. As a cis man it was a great experience reading the point of view of a man. I highly recommend this book to everyone. This is a painting inspired by the story. Here is a link to my review of it:

I have done 42 paintings over the past 41 days! If you want to check them all out, they are on my website:

If you want to support my art addiction, check out my Etsy store!

Thanks for being awesome, Coso!

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