VisitScotland should have a destination rating system that shows each town on a continuous spectrum that runs from paradise to Dyce.

We all know the story of how Qwerty layout keyboards were designed to avoid typewriter jams, but I think there may be a more mischievous intent behind this layout.

The b is right next to n.

How many friendships have been rendered awkward by this when attempting to send this as a text?

"I'm baked right now, fancy coming over?"

Weird morning. I really didn't expect to wake up and find myself in support of Russia. I hope the Americans mentioned take Russia up on their offer.

Speaking as an immigrant, I brim with pride that MTG would not like the kind of immigrant I am.

Ok, so now you know the surefire way to get rid of these scammers...

Come on Scotland! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Now *that's* how you respond to a coronation

It's like the palace advisors have no awareness of social media and the own goal they're about to score with this.

Cellphone self-own: A selfie taken in front of a Gadston flag or from inside the cab of your truck while you wear wraparound shades.

Is this going to be the issue that finally pivots Republicans on the importance of genuine rehabilitation for felons?

The first of April is the only day people double-check an information before believing it.

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