Why betting on herd immunity is a bad idea.

If fatality rate of Covid-19 is 0.5% (some suggest higher), then if you need a minimum of 40% of the population to have it before you get herd immunity (best case, it's likely 60-80% required) then:

In a country with 100 million population, 40 million must have it, and it will cause 200,000 dead and no way to tell what long term effects on survivors will be.

That's *best* case...

Noooooo. Van Morrison joins the ever expanding list of covidiots;

Sir Van Morrison has accused the government of "taking our freedom" in three new songs that protest against the coronavirus lockdown.

Another beautiful day outside. I picked the best week for time off during the lockdown. Off to paint the windows then wash the cars.

Have a good one!

Reading about the Health Secretary defending the absolute mess they are making and I can only draw one conclusion.

The UK is a full on Kleptocracy hiding behind the veneer of incompetence.

Now instead of using the existing infrastructure of the NHS after the β€œfailure” of Serco they are considering handing the track and trace contract to.... Amazon.

Channel 4 news reporting patients β€œwho may have Covid-19” will again, under current govt guidance, be discharged into care homes.

Unreal. There were nearly 30,000 excess deaths in care homes between March and June.

Same as Dara, the Mourne Mountains keep me tethered. They are tiny compared to other places in the world but it’s home.

The Gulf Stream is getting weaker and with it the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and this can bring big climate changes in the no so distant future realclimate.org/index.php/arch

Former Tory Leader tells Joe Biden - don’t lecture us about Brexit.

Oooooh feck I hope Joe wins, for your sake as well as ours. These asshats need a wake up call.


Toby Young regrets supporting Boris Johnson.

The folk on the right sure are slow to catch on to things.


Remember when a Political leader told one outright lie and that was likely it, career over.

Good times.

Reading the Brexit loving idiots who all of a sudden are an authority on Irish history, The Good Friday Agreement and customs law.

You didn’t give a feck then unless the bombs were being set off on your shore and you patently don’t give a feck now.

/end rage toot.

The British Foreign Secretary wanted to meet Pelosi to explain the Good Friday Agreement to her. He believes the EU are undermining it.

Turns out he hasn’t read it. It’s 35 pages long.

The complete disrespect and lack of interest the Tories have for a part of Ireland they are determined to keep really is incredible.

My taste in television shows is deteriorating as 2020 progresses. By the end of the year I expect to be watching Britain’s got talent or some shit.

UK covid testing system collapses, confirmed cases continue to rise....

Soooo it’s not that we are testing more right?

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