Awake. Trying to remember how the whole "being a living human" thing works.

Finished my editing pass on the new (very silly) short story I wrote as a bit of a palate cleanser before jumping into a second round of novel revisions. Now I just need to go back and remember how self-publishing works. 😂

Hammered out a quick 1100-word story this morning. This is a very good sign, because it means I might just be able to start writing again.

Spent this morning reviewing a couple of short stories in a series I was working on a while back in an effort to remember how to write them.

The first revision pass of the novel is done! (119/119 chapters covered)

12 more chapters this morning. Getting closer! (100/119).

Edited 11 chapters this morning. 🙂 I've crossed the halfway mark on the first revision pass. (67/119 chapters down)

It's funny and kind of neat editing a book I wrote over a long period of time. I can see my writing style change (improve?) the further in I get.

Only got in 2 chapters today. Still, it's not nothing.

Eight chapters this morning. Time for the Ritual of Luncheon.

I'm tired as hell today but this morning I managed to revise 7 more of these short chapters in the novel on this first editing pass (now up to 46/119).

Edited seven more chapters this morning. They're very short chapters (there are 119 in total), so it's not a HUGE amount of progress. But it's still progress.

Trying out a new organizational system today. By which I mean I'm calling the time I need to set aside to do stuff "work shifts." It seems to be working? I just revised four chapters of the novel this morning - not a massive amount of progress, but it's not nothing.

The only problem with making my phone's ringtone the sound of a 20th century landline is that when I watch period pieces I keep having to check to see if I'm getting a call. 😂

ME: Perhaps I should head to bed...

(several million fireworks go off outside)

ME: Perhaps I should wait a bit before heading to bed...

And then for some reason I suddenly decided I have to compose a few lines from a fictional medieval poem... 🤦‍♂️

It's just come to my attention that Tom Lehrer has made all of his music free and put it in the public domain. Like, all of it.

This is... difficult. I used to engage on social media quite a bit but I think I gradually became quieter and quieter as various traumas and ADHD took hold. This while, in theory, being an extrovert. These new spaces make me want to say things but it's often hard to summon up things to say. I'm working on it.

I think I've forgotten how to social media.

Can anyone remind me how one types out messages as though human?

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