Four cars lined up from the StueyPoint!

Also, this is what happens when you try to shoot a straight (horizon) at the corner of a very wide angle lens. Curvy!

Trying to have a little more fun with photography. Found a nice color combo, alignment, and waited for a subject to walk into the pool of light.

This photo was not taken by the but I hope, some day, there will be a drone that can shoot close-up. The has a camera that's decent for wide-angle shots but it's terrible for close-up stuff. Not to mention the fact that it generates a lot of wind, which blows things around, making them move, and blur, at lower shutter speeds.

Nope, I took this with my Fuji X-T2 and 16mm lens.

Trying different things. Similar position and angle, but different lighting. Plus, it's summer, so the fields and trees are going through changes.

There are leading lines all over the place, pointing at the cloud in the sky.

Also, I worked really hard to get that white car into that specific position.

I also like the depth the fog/haze creates.

So much going on. Hope it all came together.

I went up, I took my shots, and immediately came back down. Pea soup. Less than ideal flying conditions. But...pretty, I hope?

Took the drone shot a little higher today (273' AGL), as the power lines cutting into the triple-tree shadow bothered me the day before. Better.

Working on wide-angle lens with a strong foreground/background relationship. Plus, it's a drone, so a unique vantage point. 20 feet up?

Clouds change the sun from a pin-point light source, to a super-diffuse light source, like a giant soft box! The former creates powerful shadows, the latter does not. πŸ–€

These were only take a few seconds apart. It was fun as the clouds came and went, the harsh shadows disappeared before my eyes. Fun to watch out for, if you want to develop your eye for photography!

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