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I was with them but then they had to go and destroy all that nice tea. tut tut so uncouth, they'll never achieve systemic change like this.

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My mom face-timed me, asked what my plan was if everything goes to s***, and reminded me that we have guns. Yeah mom if we have a Mad Max apocalypse I'll drive up with the wife and cats and we can fight the cannibal hoards together.

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Driving my friends to the vets and watching them drop ~6 grand trying to save their cat has reminded me to sign up for pet insurance.

"an ambitious DA with an election next year, in the current social climate, might seek and achieve a sentence of a year behind bars. All for an offense from which I suffered no harm, physical or mental. That wouldn’t be a commensurate punishment."

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The reverend authority of the laws, both human and divine, was all in a manner dissolved and fallen into decay

Doctors are starting to see patients who've developed Covid again after recovering. Evidence suggests the condition can be significantly worse the second time around. Very very bad news.

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@tyghebright I was talking to my parents today about how we should move to Greenland

Did y'all know Control has DLC now?

I played through it and it's great. Lots of new content with insight into former Director Northmoor and the Board.

Watching Trump surrogates call Biden a socialist fills me with sadness. It would be so awesome if Biden was actually the things they pretend he is.

There is a real conversation to be had about regular people losing everything they have because of some stupid s*** they said online.

I would love to have that discussion sometime. Or journalists being targeted for state violence.

The Harpers letter is a bunch of rich twats who want to say the N word, f*** dolphins (srs one of them is a dolphin f***er), and harass trans women online without consequences.

Gorsuch is far and away my favorite conservative on the supreme court. Followed by Roberts. Followed by nobody, the rest suck.

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VaultWorks release previously unseen photos of Daft Punk, David Bowie, Prince and more. Prints sold to benefit Covid19 relief for the music industry + injustice charities.

I will no longer be able to disguise myself as a federal agent.

I have the queer hair now. I thought f*** it I might have to look professional in the near future but I don't right now and I've never dyed my hair or gotten a tattoo or anything.

It's kinda a blue gradient with some green and purple. Not the tumblr hair with half my head shaved though.

The combination of the protests and appeal of 50-A (the law that kept cops disciplinary records hidden) has resulted in a significant increase in applications for retirement from the NYPD. And this is great.

Maybe we can get new cops who aren't corrupted by the system. Maybe we just have less of them. Either way, I'm here for it.

talking an incredible amount of shit at Harvard professors because their grad students cannot

2020 is the year when it finally became impossible to tell if I'm depressed due to the constant overwhelming tragedy unfolding around me and the impending painful end for human civilization or because I lack The Good Chemicals™

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