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I was with them but then they had to go and destroy all that nice tea. tut tut so uncouth, they'll never achieve systemic change like this.

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A mortgage and crazy high property taxes still costs less per month than the apartment in Bushwick where the ****ing roof leaks.

Trying to buy a house is so stressful right now. You have to move so fast. It doesn't sit right with me. But still, I'm very excited about not renting anymore and having a space that's really mine (and the bank's I guess).

My spouse and I found one we both really like. The real estate agent wasn't there and we got a tour of the place from the blind cat who lived there (a good omen imo). It has a huge barn/garage for us to tinker and build stuff in, and there's space for a green house.

So I got to talk to one of my personal heroes recently. Funny how even scientific luminaries - for real geniuses - struggle with troubleshooting Zoom calls.

thinking bout 5-fold symmetry

melting my own brain

My email and phone number have been in so so so many leaks but I will potentially lose access to hundreds of dollars of specialized programs if I delete that email account :(

Landlord is trying to sell the property for 500K over the local average, and it is not an above average property by any means. Gonna have to move. Tired of renting and giving my money to some boomer parasites. Looking for a house somewhere my spouse and I can afford. Kinda bummed about leaving the city :( but renting really is a suckers game and I want a yard and a garden.

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A person I really respect and look up to just put out a call for assistance with his group and I responded and now I am SO NERVOUS omg 😳

If you're living in NYC and over 30 y/o, you can get vaccinated at sites in Bathgate, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and CitiField in Queens.

[EDIT: starting tomorrow]

Gonna get vaccinated tomorrow! Hype AF! 🎉

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Found a bunch of drawings of birds wearing hats that my spouse did and it made me feel pretty good about life for a moment.

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Pretty mad at the actual Pope today. At least I can stop having mixed feelings about Catholicism and go back to fully rejecting it.

Still disappointing that the religion that all my grandparents believed in is so invested in its bigotry.

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