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The biosphere is dying.
Civilization is collapsing.
But there is hope!

Charlie Kehler and his team are successfully accelerating the seeding of life on Nova Terra. Humanity has a second chance. What will it make of it?

For this , think meets

Off to Calgary as part of training for a new job. Wish me luck :) Better yet, wish me luck, AND celebrate with one of my books ;)

Terraform Charlie.
It's my book :)
You too can be entertained.

Hi Coso! I'm sorry for my absence; been working and planting.
May your May be mauve.

Trump wasn't at his trial because his lawyers feared he would...

Chances are Donald Trump hasn't grabbed any pussy today, well, unless Tucker Carlson stopped by for a pre-conjugal visit, "chin-wag."

Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox. I wonder if he is returning to his reptilian home world?

If you toot your own horn, make it methane free, or get out of the elevator.

Ron DeSantis was channeling his inner Fozzie Bear in Japan. That dude is unintentionally hilarious!

Strong is sexy especially in Ναός του Ποσειδώνα🏺

Been taking a yoga class that seriously kicks my ass at the Temple of Poseidon.

I honestly go for the views and coolness factor. Our instructor takes some amazing pics.

Going to be a long drive home with this insane traffic. Opa!!

may have blown up, but something equally explosive occurred on the first mission to Nova Terra.

Reluctant demiurge, Charlie Kehler dreams of a better future for humankind, but the consequences of seeding life into a primordial world may be monstrous.

Worst Hat?

At Edge's Escargot, sales are really sluggish.

Unfortunately, my Pogo Stick and Jack-in-the-Box business is bankrupt. I just didn't have enough up-and-down days.

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