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Unique protections

DeepFake Detector

CounterSocial is serious about countering fake news and propaganda. We're the only network using AI to automagically analyze uploaded content in near real-time to determine deepfake probability.

Botsentinel Integration

We've teamed up with Botsentinel to further protect our users from foreign influence operations. The optional browser extension offers baked-in visibility of potential 'problematic' migrating accounts.

Identity Breach Alerts

CounterSocial has integrated automatic and one-click on demand identity theft alerts. COSOGuard is checking the open and dark web all day and night. If your identity is caught up in a breach - you'll know!

FactLayer Integration

We've also teamed up with Factlayer to integrate realtime inline automatic political bias leaning and fake news awareness via color coded links that let you know a site's veracity BEFORE you click through.


Unrivalled Desktop Experience

The CounterSocial Desktop experience is more like a dashboard. Everything you need is right there for you... and you can customize it to fit YOUR requirements and needs.

  • You can 'PIN' columns that are most relevant to you, as many as you like.
  • Unlike other sites, there's no need to constantly refresh.
  • Robust privacy and filtering to avoid being exposed to certain phrases or hashtags.
  • Create your own 'watchlists' of users, topics, or hashtags.
  • Create your own public or private fully End-to-End encrypted user groups.

There's lots more to explore, just dive in and make your presence known with an introduction - you can't break CounterSocial so feel free to experiment, and ask the community for help if you need it!

CounterSocial Preview

Unique features


CounterSocial users also get access to our integrated, secure, ephemeral 500TB file sharing solution. It's at-rest encrypted and your files can be time-limited or restricted to a specific download count, with ANYONE.

Emergency Radio Traffic

We've got COSOCOM. It's listening to 7000+ emergency radio frequencies and will auto-tune in realtime to chatter from the ground when a major incident occurs, long before traditional media catch on.

COSOCall Conferencing

Secure ephemeral one-click private video conferencing. You can spawn a conference and invite ANYONE via a unique link, even non CounterSocial users. No downloads. No signups. No hassle. No BS.

COSO Groups

Groups is a feature that allows our users to create their own communities. Groups or channels can be public or private. OTR Encryption can be enabled for private messages or conversations.


With the REALMS virtual reality addition to our ecosytem, users can build, craft, create public or private rooms or realms in a virtual reality environment. Works on browsers, mobile and all major VR headsets.

Enhanced Privacy Mode

External links posted to public feeds or timelines can be accessed using our Enhanced Privacy Mode - this essentially puts us between you and the host/server you are visiting. Because we're awesome.


CounterSocial provides access to courtesy LIVE streaming news coverage from selected satellite and cable TV providers, right from inside the interface. If news is your thing you can ditch Sling.

Exploding Posts

Posts can be set to 'self-detonate'. It doesn't matter if you are insuring yourself against stalkers and harassers or you just like to keep a tight ship when it comes to your online footprint.


That's right... we've got Virtual Reality too.

Another great part of the ecosystem is 'CounterSocial Realms'. Here you can create or spawn your own private or public rooms, space, or realms where you and your friends, family or co-workers can meetup. You can do anything from hosting a VR movie night inside your own movie theater to building a card-table for poker. It's compatible with browser, mobile and most VR headsets. For the really creative folks we also provide a full creative suite, right inside your browser.


You can check out full details RIGHT HERE!


COSO-on-the-go with our official app

CounterSocial is built on open-standards, and because of this, you can use our official FREE iOS or Android mobile apps - or you can try your hand at building your own with our developer API.



*for mobile phones only

Need more reasons?

Anti-Child Abuse Mechanisms

We're committed to providing NO SAFE HAVEN for Child Sex Abuse Material. All uploaded images are hashed and compared against NCMEC databases of known CSAM hashes at our infrastructure edge.

Outbound Link Sanitizer

CounterSocial doesn't track its users, but even better than that - we don't let 3rd parties track you either. All outbound links are automagically sanitized to remove any embedded tracking parameters.

Zero Tracking

Because CounterSocial does not rely on ads or 'targeted promoted content' we don't need to collect identifying information, what your interests are, where you've been or who your friends are.

100% Crowd Powered

We're not funded by advertisements, shareholders or dubious third parties. We're 100% funded by our users. Core functionality is free for anybody but you can upgrade to a PRO account for verification and premium features.

how serious are we?

CounterSocial is the first Social Network Platform to take a zero-tolerance stance to hostile nations, bot accounts and trolls who are weaponizing OUR social media platforms and freedoms to engage in influence operations against us.

And we're here to counter it.

We block access to our network from the following nation states along with over 100,000 Tor Nodes, proxies and VPNs.


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