Finally off my pile! And so enjoyable. Well done, Brenna! Now I’ve gotta read the sequel! (And if you keep this up, I’ll want to move to Juniper Creek.)

As an independent , I sometimes encounter the occasional novel that could benefit from more foreshadowing. This article has some good advice about leaving breadcrumbs throughout your story.

Hey. I don’t know how many of my are even on here. But I need some advice. I said I would do an ARC review. I normally get ARCs from NetGalley or directly from the publisher, but now I’ve had a random author contact me out of the blue on Instagram. She wants to send her ARC directly to my Kindle. But I don’t know her, and I was reading that Kindles are vulnerable to hacking, viruses, and spyware (obviously any device that’s online is), so I’m nervous. Have any of you ever done this?

I never knew I shared a birthday with Keith Richards!

Photo credit: Jerzy Bednarski

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