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We don't cover Trump.


Air defenses online and active around Kursk- Russian civilians are posting locations of Russian air defense units.

Georgia gun shop owner, father, shuts down business, citing conscience. "What stops this gun from being used against my kid, and that’s the problem I have, you never know the person getting it just because they pass a background check."

Here are some things we can expect upcoming graduates of the great universities of Florida to have mastered upon entering the workforce.
*ANYTHING about football
*Time tables
*All 26 letters, some crude spelling
*Basic human speech
*Basic video games

Things they won't know?
*Their state, country, world

The Kyiv Independent:
⚡️Germany orders closure of 4 out of 5 Russian consulates after Moscow expels German staff.

The German government told Russia to close 4 out of its 5 consulates in Germany in retaliation for Moscow’s expulsion of German staff in Russia, the Associated Press reported on May 31.

PETER DOOCY: What is your position on a pardon for Trump?

BIDEN: laughs, walks away.

Fucking legend.

It's almost the end of the month and we're a bit below 54% funding.

If you are able, either Go Pro, donate via Patreon, or donate via the Donorbox.

I know that it's rough for some folks. I missed 20 percent of my pay this month because of illness and missing hours because my wife's surgery.

So, I wasn't able to dig as deeply as I'd have liked this month. Last month had similar challenges.

However, even $5 makes a difference.

Hey all, I know I have the follower count of... well something with a minuscule but much loved follower count. But this place isn't "free".

is free because we make it so. Bandwidth, storage, compute, etc... all take money to run. If you can do so, join or make a one-time donation.


"Please Reblog to get this to those who can use it.... Teens and young adults ages 13 to 26 living anywhere in the U.S. can access the entire collection of e-books and audiobooks from the Seattle Public Library. "We believe in your right to read what you want, discover yourself and form your own opinions." Fill out the form to get a Books Unbanned card."

Streaming Viewers Worried About Complexity as Much as Cost. Simplifying the consumer experience is a way to attract new users, and keep existing ones, according to a Hub survey.


Far-right political news personality Charlie Kirk, who founded the ultra-conservative Turning Point USA, this week was accusing Target of "grooming" kids because they were offering Pride youth apparel. But his organization is actually being bankrolled by an *actual* real sex offender.

According to a new report by Rolling Stone, Shawn Bergstrand, a registered sex offender and Republican, is a large benefactor of Kirk and Turning Point USA.

'Beyond hypocritical': Charlie Kirk’s recent Pastors Summit was funded by a 'registered sex offender'

"Rolling Stone has learned that one of the TPUSA summit’s corporate sponsors is a Christian fashion company that is led by a registered sex offender, Shawn Bergstrand, who served time in federal prison for attempted 'coercion and enticement' after trying to persuade 'a minor female' to 'engage in sexual activity,'" it wrote.

With Republicans, every accusation is an admission.

Is anyone else surprised?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells Blue State Conservatives to Move to Arkansas.

Opinion: Yes, please do.

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