Public Service Announcement: Media folks, ‘Anonymous’ are Suckering You.


“The problem with ‘Anonymous’ quotes from the internet is you can never tell if they are true or not” ~ Abraham Lincoln



Pointing out the obvious is getting really tedious. But, in the absence of anyone else doing it, and with the new rash of crap coming from their cheeto-stained lips, combined with the fact that *some* media are actually buying into their rhetoric and bluster it’s only fair that there’s a counter-balance provided. After all we’re all about ‘freedom of speech’, right?


Yesterday ‘Anonymous’ came out with yet another of their oh-so-scary videos declaring war on ISIS. I about fell of my perch laughing. Yes, it’s the EXACT same tired old footage of a pre-pubescent pasty faced XBOX LIVE addicted shit-weasel in a Guy Fawkes mask that they re-use over and over with a different audio track overlaid warbling about how they are gonna ‘hunt ISIS down’ yadda yadda. I bet when ISIS woke up this morning this wasnt the 72 virgins they expected.


Comedy of Errors


Allow me to get a few things off my chest. In case you hadn’t noticed ‘Anonymous’ launch a new ‘op’ every freakin week. In case you hadn’t noticed they have repeatedly jumped in on and attempted to hijack a major current event. Last week it was the Black Lives Matter movement, where they decided to launch ‘OpKKK’ – which basically amounted to them reporting a few Twitter accounts of white supremacists and moronically taking a previous dump of unrelated names by a group named ‘Cabin Crew’, republishing it and falsely making the claim that the names on the list were members of the KKK. (Including naming a business run by Cambodian BUDDHISTS as being Klan). Prior to that we have seen them pile into the Ferguson, MO debacle and they dumped what they said was the name and address of the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown. Needless to say the information was incorrect and the Officer and family had to go into hiding.


There’s no ‘op’ – the VIDEO IS the ‘op’.


Make no mistake. These fucking comedians do not care about any of the ’causes’ they claim allegiance to. Hell, half of them say they are pro-palestine, pro-hamas, yet this week they are ‘declaring war on ISIS’ – even though half the ISIS propaganda accounts are run by ‘Anonymous’ skids, and I’ve covered all about how ‘Anonymous’ has been ripe for hijacking by terror organizations for years.


This latest ISIS op, is a joke. What’s happening here and what keeps happening, and media keep sucking it up is simple and obvious:


Kid in his bedroom gets together with a couple of his XBOX buddies and re-hashes the standard anonymous ‘threat-speech’ footage with a scary sounding audio track, with giant claims about how ‘Anonymous’ is gonna destroy whatever the latest outrage in current affairs is going on in the news. Journos start eating it up. Then one of two things happens. Kid does nothing and it all amounts to a hill of beans and hopes the same media that hyped him don’t ask any questions. Or the kid thinks “oh shit my big video is amounting to a hill of beans and I need to save some face here and pretend Anonymous actually cares about this latest me-too ’cause’ I glommed onto!” And that’s when they report a few Twitter accounts for spam because they ‘think’ they’re ISIS affiliated, or find a list of names from any previous dump or literally just fabricate a list with a fake name generator program (as we’ve seen before) and pretend its a hacked ISIS database, or a leaked list of ISIS members. Because irresponsible nimrods. There’s nothing noble or ‘Robin Hood’ going on here. There’s no ‘op’ – the VIDEO IS the ‘op’. They’ve realized they can hype the media up with just a video, without actually *doing* anything else.


It’s also worth mentioning they constantly demonstrate they have no idea who is who within the threatscape when they start targeting. They’ crying and whining about a bunch of Cloudflare clients who they claim are ISIS. The irony is most of the sites on their list are:



  • Kurds (who are more anti-ISIS than anyone)
  • Palestinian (who are scared shitless of ISIS)
  • Iranian (also anti-ISIS)
  • Chechen (couldn’t give a fuck about ISIS)


(Disclaimer I’m not saying all of the above are good guys, but they are definitely NOT ISIS as Anonymous are claiming)
The last half decent work they did was their stand against scientology back in 2008. Since then they’ve become an ineffective, directionless, geo-politically clueless, skill-less shoal of morally bankrupt minnows bleating for attention. And media keep giving it to them, and in doing so they are allowing Anonymous to troll them. And I’ll give ’em credit there, these kids know how to troll people.


But for all their rhetoric and shouting about how fearsome they are, how ‘legion’ they are the sad reality is much closer to this than they would have you believe:



 I’m not saying the small core of these idiots who haven’t been turned into ISIS / terror propaganda bots doesn’t have good intentions. I am saying they don’t have the skills, situational awareness, or moral fiber to back that up. With their silly games, they interfere with and devalue the rest of us who are trying to make an actual difference. Hell, they cant even determine the difference between the international symbol for peace, and the Mercedes logo. And I’m not even joking, photo evidence. They are… in simple terms… they have no pancake mix and are all out of relevance. That’s why they pull these lame stunts.


I’m sure they’ll fall back to their usual ‘anyone can be Anonymous’ crap and ‘we’re not all assholes’. Well my advice to that is you need to clean house. You’re starting to smell bad. But because the leaderless dynamic business model you’ve set yourself up with is fundamentally flawed, and now you can’t clean house and you’re gonna keep smelling bad. But I’ve been trying to warn you for years.


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So there…. I said it.


Now riddle me this. What do you think is gonna happen to me or my site for speaking out about these douche-wrenches?


What do you think they can do about it?


That’s right. Nada. Because blowhards.








As I predicted this just in:


Operation Isis’ Anonymous activists begin leaking details of SUSPECTED extremist Twitter accounts” – (via The Independent) – Note the use of the word ‘suspected’ – as I have outlined above they don’t exactly have a great track record with this bullshit. And for the record, this is not ‘hacking ISIS’ as they claimed. It’s Anons mass reporting Twitter accounts. These accounts and names will be based on zero credible intelligence, HUMINT or validation, but more likely just because they are Arabic language accounts. This is Anonymous again running around irresponsibly pointing fingers. Hell I bet they throw in a few SUSPECTED KKK members for good measure. And all so they can stay relevant. It’s not gonna end well. If they are extremists I’m all for them getting booted from Twitter, but this gaggle of idiots won’t get it right.

And to be honest – the biggest danger is if we rope all Muslims into “they’re evil” bucket. That’s what Anonymous is doing and fueling right now. That’s what ISIS is playing for. They want all 1.6B Muslims to feel ostracized and rise up as if there’s a war on all Islam, not just Radical Islam and we all lose if that’s the outcome.

They don’t understand while all Daesh are Muslims, all Muslims are NOT Daesh. At least not yet. Anonymous need to fucking learn that and stop pissing around.




As I said the media are just NOT doing fact-checking or due dilligence:



Based on the above (just one example). My question is this. What exactly are they ‘cyber attacking’? Raqqa, the self imposed capital of the Islamic Caliphate has been bombed to shit and is still being bombed to shit. It’s in ruins and has no infrastructure to even attack over cyber. And for the record, reporting random Arabic speaking Twitter accounts as ISIS accounts IS SURE AS FUCK NOT HACKING.






The official Anonymous account for this so-called ‘#OpParis’ – @OpParisOfficial  which at the time of writing has over 23K followers just made contact as per below:




As you can see. They admit they are full of shit, and it’s clear they are doing this for attention, again. But that’s okay because *some* of the people/accounts they name as ISIS members may possibly actually be ISIS, but well, some of them aren’t too. These so-called fighters of freedom and justice seem to be missing the entire premise they try to convince people they are all about.




If anyone actually read this blog from top to bottom and absorbed it, you’ll recall how just a few paragraphs up, I stated how Anonymous didn’t really believe in any ’cause’ but only pretend to, how fucking geo-politically clueless they are and how they pull these stunts for attention. Well the official Anti-ISIS Anonymous account @OpParisOfficial now with over 43K followers (up 20K since yesterday) just posted this:




Yes, thats right – after admitting earlier they randomly threw darts at Arabic speaking twitter accounts and accused them of being members of ISIS, now they are admitting how they ARE USING THE PARIS ATTACKS to draw attention to PALESTINE and AFGHANISTAN.


I don’t think I have the words….


Wait. Yes I do. There really can be only two reasonable explanations for this new giant fuckup of a tweet they made. Either it’s as I said above they really ARE THAT DUMB, or as I said here, here, and most notably here a while back, they are part of the larger problem.


Anyone interested in taking a look behind the scenes of this ‘operation’, can instantly step into their official chat room here. Don’t spend more than a few minutes in there unless you want to numb your brain permanently. But you will see what a gaggle of skids they are with zero skillset between them. It basically cycles like this: If they’re not calling each other out for being ‘harmless faggots’ they are slapping themselves on the back and screaming ‘we are legion!’ – It’s a giant clusterfucked circle-jerk.




In order to keep the gullible media chomping at their bit ‘Anonymous’ has now taken to literally making up fake ISIS threats inside the US. What’s worse is the media lapping this shit up, including none other than Allen West, who should know better. Here’s my favorite bit from his ridiculous article:

Ahh yes, it’s the old “I’ve got proof, but I can’t show it to you” gag. That always works out.


In other words they made a bunch of shit up, so that when the (non-existent) attacks DON’T HAPPEN, they’ll be able to run around screaming how they foiled the (non-existent) attacks and how they ‘are legion’ and we should fear them, blah blah blah. The FBI has since weighed in and discounted Anonymous claims as ‘NOT CREDIBLE’ – so at least there’s that. Since they have to investigate every threat reported I wonder how they feel about their resources being drained by a gang of fuckwits? None of it matters though because this is a ‘win win’ strategy for Anonymous – If nothing happens they’ll claim they ‘foiled’ it, if something happens they’ll csay ‘told you so’. See how their shit works?


Of course as standard operating procedure with these asshats when one of them is shown to be a dickhead an Anonymous twitter account with a large following will come out and publicly disavow the incident claiming Anonymous had nothing to do with it or ‘that guy isn’t a real anon’. Only problem with all that is ‘anyone can be anon’ as they keep saying over and over, there’s no card carrying members. Shit you don’t even need a mask. And this is the fatal flaw in their ‘business model’. They are basically a hive of rabble-rousing, lying, desperate for relevance media whores.




As I stated higher up on this blog post Anonymous are targeting random Arabic language accounts, which is counter-productive. Now here’s your confirmation: Twitter has confirmed that many of the “taken down” accounts do NOT belong to ISIS.


I rest my case.


I think we can all agree on the fact that these idiots are nothing more than an ineffective, directionless, geo-politically clueless, skill-less shoal of morally bankrupt minnows bleating for attention. In short Anonymous are to intel collection and cyber warfare as bottle rockets are to the space program.