CIA Director Brennan AOL ‘Hack’ – What You Need To Know

“If you shake a tree with dumbasses in it, don’t be surprised when dumbasses fall out” ~ Me

Let’s get to it.


The So-Called ‘Hack’


Recently media reported that CIA Director John Brennan’s PRIVATE AOL (I know right?) email had been ‘hacked’. This is a misconception. The account was not ‘hacked’ it was Social Engineered. Social Engineering basically means you are really good at being full of shit. You lie to people to solicit information from them, either by phone or email. In this case the perps fooled a Verizon employee (who are Director Brennan’s cell provider) into giving them what were essentially security question details – in this case the last 4 digits of his Credit Card among other things, and they used this information to facilitate a ‘I forgot my password and need to reset it’. This is how they ‘hacked’ the account.


Unimpressive. No wait, I take that back, the impressive thing is that this kids scrotum has dropped low enough for his voice to sound like an adult. I digress.


The point here is that no technical skill was necessary, this kid just needed to be a good liar. I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t ‘hacking’ if someone gave you the password, it’s simply called ‘logging in’. Furthermore Director Brennan didn’t foul up, Verizon fouled up with their protocols and procedures, or lack thereof, for verifying the identity of someone trying to do a password reset. Finally, there was nothing marked classified in the inbox and Director Brennan hadn’t breached any official guidelines/laws regarding the handling of classified docs (luckily). Granted, there was some personally sensitive stuff in there, but isn’t that the case with all of our personal email inboxes?
It’s also interesting to note how far off their original ‘noble’ transparency course Wikileaks have veered too. The very day the perp known as @phphax on Twitter came out with his amazing dump from his amazing ‘hack’ look who weighed in:




Minutes later….





And the very next day…





It’s good to know Assange still has the rights of private individuals privacy at the forefront of his mind and isn’t using kids a la Manning, Snowden, and now these fucking derps to garner donations to his legal defense fund right? But hey it’s not like I didn’t highlight all this back in May this year, and previously. In fact I’ll put it another way, if Wikileaks staffers were drug users (I suspect some are), and the leaks were the drug, they’ve gone from hobnobbing at the best parties in town with the ‘in-crowd’ and getting the best ‘stuff’, to hanging around on street corners picking up cigarette butts. As long as that cigarette butt can make US look bad, and raise them some donations.


The Perp(s)


I’m gonna say in advance this is my opinion. It’s an opinion based on years of having to deal with the same amoebas trying to swim in my tank. It’s based on observations of their standard and predictable modus operandi. It’s based on actually having to deal with these bottom-feeders almost every single day in one way or another.


So, who was it? Well my opinion is that I know, and those that have followed me for a while also know. Even if you don’t know it yet. Let me take you back to the days of ‘TEAM P0ison’ – you remember those fools right? Let me jog your memory first here , later here and finally here. It’s my educated opinion that that the perp(s) namely @phphax, @derplaughing, @IncursioSubter and @CWA___ are members of what was formerly known as ‘TEAM P0ison’ and that the actual perp is either the member known as ‘MLT‘ himself or is working closely with him. First thing about these kids is predictability, they literally just crave ‘fame’ and will try to talk a shit on anyone who has what it is they crave. Secondly, they’ll claim they are doing whatever they are doing is for a ‘greater cause’, but all they really want is ‘to be famous’. ‘TEAM P0ison’ are an offshoot of ‘Anonymous’ and predictably (and historically) all their ‘greater causes seem’ to land on the side of a terrorist organization. Firstly, ‘TEAM P0ison’s most famous ‘member’ was one called TRiCK AKA Junaid Hussein, you may have heard of him, and at that time the group was best known for phone pranking the UK’s Anti Terror hotline, effectively overloading it. Whoopee. Here’s a video of them doing it:




If you skip to 41 seconds in, you’ll notice they overlaid their little blurb. Remember, this video, as of writing is still there, uploaded by them, at the time on April 11th 2012. I urge you to skip to 41 seconds in and hit pause. Just in case the video gets pulled, here’s a screenshot of the same pause, click here to enlarge. In the third highlighted paragraph they talk about one ‘Adel Abdul Bary‘ – remember this is back in 2012. That name might ring a bell with some of you. They are referring to a man who, and I quote: “is believed to have been an associate of Osama bin Laden’s and was allegedly involved in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. He was extradited to the U.S. in 2012.” (Source) It’s no coincidence that their boy ‘TRiCK’ AKA Junaid Hussein ran off to Syria and joined ISIS, but recently got transformed into a streak of grease in the sand by a US drone. (source)


This week the perp (@phphax) of the Brennan ‘hack’ was supporting HAMAS and #FREEPALESTINE and using that as his ‘reason’ to jack Director Brennan’s personal email account.



Directly after the ‘hack’ his Twitter Timeline struck me as VERY familiar. Probably did a few of you guys too. It was all about the drama, trolling, and ‘attention meeee’ – So I decided to shake the tree, and I know just how to shake theirs:


Original Tweet here (hit up my links and read replies)



This tweet prompted @phphax, @derplaughing, @IncursioSubter to go dark simultaneously for nearly a full day (strangely they all came back online at roughly the same time) and @CWA___ to delete his account.  But what really pisses these derps off is to question their abilities, so later the next day:




To say OPSEC isn’t an option with these guys is an understatement. They are weapons grade stupid. You see with this lot, questioning their ability forces them to reveal more about themselves specifically more players in their team and more of their sock accounts which all immediately sprung into action to hurl childish insults at me. Highly amusing.
Here’s where it gets REALLY INTERESTING:


This afternoon I received a Twitter Direct Message from @WilliamTurton – a freelance journo – apparently it was just after he’d conducted an interview with @phphax who by the way had earlier stated he’d already flown to Russia to Australian Press and I duly laughed at his clear attempt at disinformation:



So anyhoo. I received the following message from freelance writer @WilliamTurton (aside from the hilarious rant, I highlighted the other very telling and important bit, I also have the full convo transcript in case Mr Turton disputes this):




I immediately went to find @WilliamTurton new article and you can see it in full right here and was surprised to see that the last sentence of the rant was omitted in the article and at the time of writing still is:


full article right here



Sidenote: His stated reason for his ‘hack on CIA Dir Brennan was to ‘Free Palestine’ yet in his interview he devoted 5 words to his ’cause’ and 51 words to ranting at me. That’s amusing yet very telling because it demonstrates how personal his problem is with me. He wasted his paltry 15 mins of fame trying to shit talk me. WOW. Also I never heard of a ‘fat crackhead’. Whatever.





I asked @WilliamTurton in DM’s why this was omitted and he stated, ‘He didn’t do it’, again I have the full logs of our conversation should I need to whip those out. So either way my point is, in my experience even when you’re on a rant as clearly @phphax was, even then, the last thing you say is the thing you want people to remember. And that last sentence is so MLT. He’s the only only one who still seethes at me over this from 2012   and he’s proved it time an again. Other things he’s proved, he’s not 13 years old (although he looks like you could snap him with a flick of your finger), he’s not in Russia as he stated yesterday , he *is* full of shit, and in all these years he’s been bitching about me, he still hasn’t picked up any new tricks.


Finally, I guess I’ll leave you with one of my favorite parts of the interview he did today (link), where the first paragraph states:


““Cracka,” the alleged teenage hacker who claims responsibility for hacking CIA director John Brennan‘s AOL account, is still alive. But he doesn’t want you to know that.”  


It’s my favorite part because this kid wants to be famous so much, he’ll try to fake his own death but then do an interview… about how he’s faking his own death.


Oh and for the record, here’s one of the many examples of MLT trying to fake his own death, using his own sock accounts from back in 2012:



The hits just keep coming.


LEA: If you wanna find these asshats they hang out on channels ‘LNO’ and ‘P0ison’ on the IRC server ‘’ port 6667. It was up a couple of days ago, but for some reason has been off last 2 days. #Justsayin.


UPDATE 10/24/2015


Since this blog post was published, predictably, this site has been under constant brute force attack, which is pretty dumb because it has 2-factor authentication enabled, and lots of Team Poison sock accounts have been bitching and whining to me on Twitter. But something else happened. True to form @phphax, who it seems just can’t help himself decided he needed to deny his affiliation with Team P0ison, but managed to confirm it even more. Here’s a screenshot:



For those not ‘in the know’ Team P0ison have a very distinct way of spelling and capitalizing their name, as you can see I can never remember how it goes, and to be honest don’t give  a fuck and nobody outside the group does either. The ‘correct and official’ way of spelling it, as per themselves is ‘TeaMp0sioN’. It’s worth noticing in the screenshot above that here we have a guy whose Twitter timeline is littered with grammatical errors and typos, yet he spells ‘TeaMp0sioN’ EXACTLY how it’s members do, and he gave enough of a shit to get it right. That’s a guy that cares about ‘his brand’ right there. Only a member of ‘TeaMp0sioN’ would care enough to make sure that was correct. I rest my case.


UPDATE 10/26/2015


Since I published this post my site has been under attack, ‘TeaMp0sioN’ have burned a good number of their sock accounts attacking me on Twitter, but it’s all for nothing, because it appears that @phphax‘s thirst for fame made him drop his OPSEC panties down even further. Or did he? See below. Did the guy who’s only claim to fame was to socially engineer an AOL email account himself get socially engineered? Here’s a screenshot of the perp along with ‘TeaMp0sioN’s MLT‘ and ‘Cubed’ talking to a reporter (‘Lorenzo‘) who wants to do an article about him, and the perp sending an in-the-clear selfie of himself via the KIK message service, then asking THEM to blur ‘his face out’. Something smells off:



It’s entirely possible that this is another of ‘TeaMp0sioN’s little game-ruses. @LorenzoFB, the staff writer for Motherboard they were talking to could have been played and it’s all a bullshit set job. If this is the case, it usually means that something outlined previously about them was on point and they are desperately trying to push out disinformation to cover up or throw the scent off.


Funny how shit turns out huh? I keep telling these kids… fame is like lightning, you can no more seek it out than you can avoid it. Expect rage, expect denials, and expect chapped asses.




Toldya they’d come lol, specially created sock accounts, and I love how they often pretend they’re female. Why am always a ‘fat fuck’ with these kids?



It almost feels like the above predicted and instant abuse along with the fact that its pretending to be female, same insult (fat), and it VERY nearly confirms the photo, is the perp himself (again). When will they learn to just stop digging the hole?




The reporter, a staff writer for Motherboard, ‘@LorenzoFB‘, in the above snagged conversation just contacted me via DM and I feel I should state for the record that he was unaware and did not burn anyone, as you can see:



But as you can also see, it kinda confirms my original ‘TeaMp0sioN’ and ‘MLT‘ link aswell. I guess I don’t want these fools going after him. It’s going to be fun watching these derps eat each other.


As I said above it’s totally possible that ‘TeaMp0sioN’ duped @LorenzoFB – because as he pointed out above it’s more than a little strange how that conversation ended up in my inbox. Even if the selfie in the conversation is fake, or them trying to setup a rival, as per the DM’s to me from @LorenzoFB screencapped above show there’s no escaping that the Brennan perp and MLT and another ‘TeaMp0sioN’ member ‘Cubed’ were all in there together. Thus proving my original observation that the Brennan perp was with ‘TeaMp0sioN’.


An old bull and a young bull stand on a hillside, overlooking a pasture. The young bull says to the old bull, “Hey, let’s run down and fuck one of those heifers.” The old bull replies, “let’s walk down and fuck ’em all.”


Have a great day.