‘Wikisneaks’ – Trouble in paradise?

“The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.” ~ Grover Cleveland – 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America


This is a recap of today’s events, surrounding Wikileaks, who I have mentioned on this blog previously both here and here, with ‘brevitized’ (yes I made that word up) backstory as follows;


You’ll recall that following the release of the movie ‘The Interview’, which cast crazy lil Kimmy, supreme leader of North Korea in a somewhat bad light there was a… let’s call it a… cyber-response‘. This response boiled down to an attack on Sony’s ‘cyber assets’. The perps called themselves the ‘Guardians of Peace’ and the FBI was quick to announce the perps were in fact the North Koreans themselves, but many, me included, believe it to be the work of China AND the NORKS, while others believe Russia was involved. Either way, it was not some lame-ass ‘Anonymous’ or similar hit, it was, without doubt a state sponsored attack. This attack resulted in huge amounts of Sony records, emails and documents being stolen.


The now…


Today Wikileaks, yes, Wikileaks, released the entire loot of said state sponsored actors looted from Sony servers. All of it, indexed, and searchable, and unredacted, and right there on their spanky new NGINX powered server. That would have taken some time to put together, even without redacting it. The hack only happened shortly before November 24, 2014, so they likely had the information before GOP released it, but either way, you get the picture. I took the liberty of searching their dump for the name of a friend of mine’s wife, who works for Sony, sure enough in unredacted form it returned emails she had sent to colleagues regarding her wedding.


Because that’s clearly in keeping with Wikileaks professed mission, right?


Assange has, over time, put the ‘creep’ into ‘mission creep’. They claim to ‘open governments’, they claim to fight for ‘freedom of speech’, ‘freedom of press’ and other noble causes. So somebody fucking tell me what in the name of Zeus’s butthole dumping a bunch of private data from a private company, with thousands of US employees has to do with any of that? For all Wikileaks blather about a ‘higher purpose’ – this shit makes them no better than the likes of Lulzsec, Lizardsquad, and other Anonymous wannabes they inspired in the first place.


I’ve spoken at length many times before over the years, for starters, here and here I show the actual detrimental effect of how Mr Julian Assange actively seeks to align with enemies of the US and also groom his own ‘insiders’ within US (Manning and Snowden for example) for nefarious purpose.


I’ll ask once again. Why is it Assange and Wikileaks leaks mostly and primarily concentrate on the ‘wicked capitalist and evil United States of America’ and our interests? Why is it he seeks asylum for his rape charge (and make no mistake he’s NOT a ‘political asylum seeker’, it’s rape charges in Sweden he’s running from) in places like Venezuela and Equador, not exactly known for their human rights and freedom of speech. Those things he says he holds so dear. Why is it there’s hardly any ‘leaks’ related to places like Iran, China, Russia, N. Korea, to name but a few, whose records on ‘democracy’, human rights and press freedom are fucking abysmal.


And what’s Wikileaks beef with Sony now?


Could it be their allegiance with the ‘Pirate Party’ (btw here’s an epic example of ‘an interaction I had with a TPP representative) whose sole aim is to get ‘free shit’ from digital media and software companies, has clouded their original goals? I don’t fucking think so, Pablo. I think, given the caliber of asshats that support Wikileaks, take Anonymous for example, that they just want cyber-anarchy. I say they are ‘cyberthugs’, Assange himself is a megalomaniac, and their supporters are ‘Cyber-fucking-hippies’, who instead of ‘free love’ will settle for ‘free stuff’.


 Well today, finally, it appears, I’m not the only one who understand these facts.
There exists an unofficial official forum – twitter handle @Wikileaks_forum that has been around since 2011 has been ‘all about Wikileaks’ and not in a bad way, until relatively recently at least. Today it appears they finally woke up, broke rank openly and realized that thing they keep smelling every morning, is Assange’s burning lily white ass hairs:



Soon after this tweet they (admirably) started spilling all kinds of intel they had gleaned from thier years of previous cohesiveness with the Wikileaks ‘administration’ – this included sock accounts and contact details of Assange and his closest ‘staff’. I found this most amusing because these assholes, ironically, who like to ‘leak’ shit, themselves got leaked. Fuck ‘em if they cant take a joke. And I lolled – in fact I still am lolling.


There’s no worse enemy, than the one you once called a friend.






Oh and I don’t want you to miss this:


VIDEO (Actual Assange footage from a nightclub in Iceland) “You can tell by the way he works his walk, he’s a ladies man, no time to talk.” (Or even ask permission it seems, given he’s hiding from rape charges in Sweden)