The ‘ISIS’ Online Propaganda Effort. Observations

“Propaganda, to be effective, must be believed. To be believed, it must be credible. To be credible, it must be true.” ~ Hubert H Humphrey


I’m going to give you a heads up. There is a VERY important message in this blog post, and I’ve been trying to get it across for 4 years now and now shit’s getting real.  So, Less than 24 hours ago the so-called ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’ dumped scores of what appeared to be US military personnel names AND addresses they claimed to be from a ‘hacked database’ and mirrored it all over the web.


What (another) GIANT pile of steaming rhino shit. 


This has been so badly executed I really don’t know where to start disassembling this utter bullshit. But, I am sure as hell gonna try.


Firstly – there is no such thing as an ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’.


I’m not suggesting there won’t be an ISIS cyber offensive in future, as there is with Russia, Iran, China and other nation states, but this ain’t it. Seriously. As you know I have been watching for years now elements of jihad infiltrating ‘Anonymous’ and it’s little ‘offshoots’.  It’s well documented on this very blog. (Examples here and here for starters). Have you ever wondered how there are so many ‘ISIS’ fan boy sock accounts and ‘hacker’ accounts on Twitter and Facebook? Have you ever wondered why their whole modus operandi is EXACTLY the same as that of ‘Anonymous’? In fact here’s a quick grab of something that occurred only a couple hours ago:



For those not aware the two shit birds above are ‘members’ of an Anonymous offshoot that I’ve covered before. You’ll notice how without being referenced at all, who replied to the post inside 10 minutes. It’s all about attention you see. Here’s how it works.  Anonymous kids just want to be noticed, they don’t give a crap about any cause, it’s all about getting media attention. Anonymous isn’t in the news as much these days, it’s been eclipsed by ISIS….
… and the exact same idiots who thought ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Lulzsec’ was an awesome idea, have now attached themselves onto ‘ISIS’.


It’s not all their fault though, it’s their ‘demographic’ you see. As I said at the top of this post I have watched elements of jihad sway  these directionless, feckless, morally bankrupt fools for years. They are clearly very easily manipulated, and they are doing exactly what ISIS want them to do, regardless. Effectively the demographic that appealed to ‘Anonymous’ got pwnd – but it’s not like I didn’t warn them years ago.


 Want another example from last week?


Notice how the really dumb ‘cyber caliphate’ members ALWAYS give themselves away by trying to get my attention. That right there is a huge giveaway, along with the bomb-threat hoaxes, you because it’s not like we haven’t seen that tactic from @FawkesSecurity a while back is it.  <<(Remember him?)



The ‘cleverer’ ones leave me out of it, but the tone and tactics are exactly the same as we have seen over the years coming straight out of ‘Anonymous’. Here’s another example from 11 days ago on March 12:



The contents of that Pastebin he referenced are as follows:



  • “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the #CaliphateCyberArmy under the auspices of ISIS continues its #CyberJihad. While the US and its satellites kill our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan we broke into your networks reveal your companies emails. You’ll see no mercy infidels. ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now. We won’t stop! You can not stop us!”


It then proceeds to dump a list of publicly available Airbus email addresses. Also note the usual ‘Anonymous’-esque childish rhetoric bullshit. There are hundreds of tweets and other examples of these fucking dickheads all over the internet, but the thing to note here is the same old modus operandi and that each one is pure bullshit, propaganda designed to ‘show how powerful’ they are.


Secondly and most importantly…


Today’s dump of US military personnel names and addresses (I’m not publishing even part of any of them) is another example of pure propaganda, and the perps are NOT ‘ISIS’. It’s the usual gaggle of attention seeking (albeit possibly Islamic sympathizing and definitely pro-anarchy) half-wits. They HAVE NOT ‘hacked a government database’ in any sense of the words’. Most of the personnel have either already been in the media for some reason or another, in other words their names are publicly ‘out there’ elsewhere (including their own social media accounts), and many of the addresses are either out-dated or in some cases completely fictional and generated using the free the Android App available on called Google play called ‘Fake Name Generator’.


I took multiple samples from the top, middle and bottom of their so-called ‘newly hacked government database’ list of personnel, and I couldn’t find a SINGLE ONE that was accurate. I also took note that an actual dump from a hacked database bears zero resemblance to what these idiots offered up.


But make no mistake….


Some of those are real addresses even if the name is inaccurate. And these assholes are publishing them under the banner of ‘ISIS’ calling for the occupants to be murdered. All it takes is for a local homegrown radicalized fucknut with a machete or whatever to show up at one of these places and go full on ‘Alluah Akbar’ and bad things are going to happen. It’s not like that crazy fool is going to fact-check, because ‘ISIS’ told him to go do it. See?


Now whether or not the usual perps are ‘doing it for the lulz” – (like that’s an excuse??) –  They are regardless, pushing enemy propaganda out. And some mainstream news media even picks up on this crap, which is what the former anon perp who did it wants (attention) and also serves the actual real ISIS assholes purposes too.


These little bitches need to be treated as what they are. They are aiding the enemy and providing material support to terrorists. Plain and simple.


This is not a game. This is not ‘Lulz’.




If you haven’t already, I urge you to read this and this for the backstory.



Here’s a video I put out in 2011, so you can see how it’s ‘evolved, you know, because I haven’t been watching this happen and documenting it for four years or anything: