The stupid. It Burns.

“Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake” ~ Napolean


I’ll start off with a Public Service Announcement –  brace yourself, this post is nothing to do with ‘hacking’ it’s a lesson in patience, you are about to witness the sad mental state that has possessed far too many of our young peoples’ minds, since…. well, since ‘LulzSec’. Many of us remember ‘Lulzsec’ and what became of them so I won’t bother boring us all with that shit. But since then I can’t help but notice that their asshattery has spawned a whole generation of children, and talentless nobody’s whose sole purpose is to abuse and fuck with people on the internet, and then cry about it for eons when someone turns around and out-asshats or simply blocks them. We’ve seen them try everything, but essentially they’re real lonely and all they want is ‘e-fame’ and they don’t care what they do to get it. And lately it’s getting worse. Most of their achievements in ‘hacking’ amount to downloading a mod pack for their latest XBOX title. It really pisses me off when the media crown people who send bomb threats to airlines over twitter as ‘hackers’. Seriously? WTF? I’ve worked hard for my questionably good (or depending how you look at it, bad) name and I like many other relatively normal people don’t want to be tarred with their cheeto-dust stained brush.




Recently the current most hated and reviled ‘hacker’ crew – known as @LizardMafia for some reasons known only to a few lost access to their domain ‘‘ which included their IRC server on ‘‘. I received some intelligence from a credible source that these ‘Lizards’ and some of the remnants of the old Team P0ison gang of halfwits were ‘teaming up’ and they were hanging out on Team P0ison’s little IRC server since their own had errrm, well, become no longer viable for them. It’s cunningly hosted at the very incognito ‘’ on port 6667 – and yes if you click that link it’ll take you right there, so when you’re finished reading this feel free to drop by and ‘say hello’ to these fools, or something.


This morning I decided to take a stroll over there under my th3j35t3r nick and just say, you know, ‘hey how’s it going ladies’. Well shit. Holy startled kiddies batman!  He couldn’t fucking believe I’d dared to go into his ‘house’ and promptly tweeted I was there, these guys are very excitable:





At first they were questioning ‘are you really him’ – then when it transpired after I authenticated against my twitter account – that I was really me, their little ringleader @Alg0d (btw a lot of these dicks have the God complex going on) decided to puff up and act like the skid he and his friends are, so within less than a minute I decided fuckit and hopped off. Here’s a screenshot of the exchange as posted to Twitter by @Alg0d during his little epiphany moment of realization that it was actually me:



Now as you can see from the screenshot above I was more than polite, but the very act of me skipping merrily onto their PUBLIC IRC server, at first caused much excitement for these maggots, then they decided to get ‘shirty’. If you recall I originally connected to this box, just to see the lie of the terrain, as I was hearing LizardSquad were hooking with Team P0ison and using their IRC server, so I decided to push a little ditty out over Twitter, to shake the tree and see what fell out:



This seemed to freak some of the younger occupants of the IRC channel out . Initially they tried reasoning as per here:



I proceeded to ignore this request from @suboxone_strip and a short time later the owner of the VPS ‘business’ that hosts their server tried to make amicable contact. When I say ‘business’ it’s more than one of them, with a reseller account and a bitcoin address, nonetheless he also tried to make an initial reach out, as per here:



Next up ol’ MLT from Team P0ison even tried to pretend we have ‘common ground’:




HILARIOUS SIDENOTE: If you’ll recall @_MLT_ was the fool who was riding my ass for 3 days last month from outta nowhere, before he again, pwned himself:



Still no direct response from me at this point, so the mood changes again. In true P0ison and Lizard style the dumb gets dumber…



With yet still no direct response from myself, they double down and use the only ‘skill’ their limited mental resources can manage, trolling, but in doing so give up most of their ‘crew’ and most of their sock accounts. They proceed to ‘enmasse’ hurl abuse up range to me me, there was quite a lot (and it’s still coming in) and whine like little girls when I blocked them, but not before logging EVERYONE who ‘came at me bro’. Here’s a few snippets. It’s a really strange but very common trait with these types – first they claim that if I block them it’s ‘a win’ yet spend a helluva lotta time bitchin about that fact later:



It seems these ‘P0isonous Lizards’ are more than a little perplexed, at what, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s something about the cap fitting AND getting caught wearing it? <shrugs>
At this point these formidable foes, hatched a fucking genius plan to ‘get me suspended’ – this is because they are the skill-less equivalent of a single-celled organism, bottom feeders of the internet. With nothing to offer other than trolling, making bomb threats, making sock accounts and harassing anyone they secretly look up to. Truth hurts ladies. Here’s their brainiac plan in it’s embryonic form as they came up with it:



What ensued was a hilariously feeble attempt to convince people I had ‘hacked’ multiple Twitter accounts, in the hope I get suspended. Shit, that’s some serious elite skills right there. Lolwut. For some of the ‘crew’ it involved them changing their profile into variants of the following:



For the less dedicated to this pathetic endeavor they simply tweeted out ‘Hacked by th3j35t3r’:




Yes ladies and gentlemen, behold, this is the absolute height of their abilities.




We’ve learned that if you shake a tree with ‘p0isonous lizards’ in it, they jump out and attack you. Thus, due to their epic egos’, self-identifying themselves and burning their sock accounts. Essentially we’ve learned that the old Backtrack Linux strap line of ‘the quieter you are, the more you can hear’ is very true.


Many of you already know that Twitter accounts can be ‘recycled’ you can change your @username, and clear down your tweets and followers etc. These fucking asshats do it all the time, once  sock gets burned they just recycle it. Twitters suspend algorithm  is less harsh the longer an account has been around, that’s why they recycle accounts that have they’ve held for a while for trolling and asshattery purposes.


One thing that doesn’t change however is the the Twitter UID, this is a unique identifier permanently attached to an account, no matter what you do. Below is a list of ‘p0isonous Lizards’ that jumped out of the tree and their Twitter UID’s. I’m betting these accounts are at the very least giant strap-hangers if not closely associated with Team P0ison and/or LizardSquad, and certain XBOX LIVE gaming ‘clans’. The The UID is clickable for your future your reference for when they recycle. I’ll be looking further into these spitwads both on IRC and twitter if  ever get bored enough, and will update this post with further information as and when it comes.



@LNO_uNiTy – 2942647126, @THlEFS – 2813307540, @Obtect – 2952181503, @lnfIate – 2821192642, @d0rans – 2911346995, @faggotsmeet – 2988084568, @alg0d – 2740360963, @120GB – 2440699577, @Guidelines – 2428080415, @Licenced – 2717218337, @1244 – 15022785, @Konekopo – 1687431812, @Lizzard – 56601419, @suboxone_strip – 2927130202

(Expect denials)


“Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake” ~ Napolean



These people are an example of why the Spartans had it right. Throw your young off a mountain, if they make it back to the top, welcome them back. If not, fuggit, they’ll only grow up into one of these.



Have a great evening.