9/11 – While we’re NEVER FORGETTING – are we forgetting something?

“Twas the week before 9/11 and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring…. except for all the creatures.” ~ Me


In exactly one week it will be thirteen years since that terrible day. We all remember where we were that day. I myself was deployed. My team and I had just got back onto base after a 3 day gig in the field, and the events were playing out right in front of us on a shitty little CRT TV mounted high in a corner. Nobody was tired anymore and chow didn’t seem so urgent.


I have skirted around writing anything about 9/11 in the past, mainly because it is an issue surrounded by deep feelings from around the nation from grief to anger, and everything in between. I am choosing to write this now because when we say ‘9/11 – Never Forget’ we are mainly concentrating on the ones we lost, on the day and in the time since on related operations around the globe. However, we should never take our eyes of the ball, and ‘never forget’ that they did pull off the unthinkable, and they’d do it again too. In a heartbeat.


Recently, there’s been some events that are not coincidences.


Events that, don’t seem benign even if you treat them as isolated non-related events, but put them together and it looks even worse. By the way, I’m not tinfoiling here, I may be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but either way, I feel I should get it out all the same.


<< Remember this ugly bastard? ‘Mokhtar Belmokhtar’? If the name sounds familiar to you it’s because it is, and if his name isn’t familiar his face will be. He’s the ‘one-eyed Willy’ of the jihadi world. He’s the guy who took control of the Algerian gas plant and killed a bunch of people (including Americans) back in January 2013. (SOURCE). He’s been charged by Federal prosecutors, but is currently still at large. Not only is he at large, he’s up to something, and it’s nothing good. There have been UNCONFIRMED reports of his death from unreliable sources. He’s a lot of things no doubt, but one thing he ain’t is dead.
He’s currently in Libya recruiting Syria-trained Jihadis.


Fast forward


3 weeks ago Libya’s Tripoli International Airport came under siege from jihadis, and where there are jihadis in Libya there’s a Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The terrorists pretty much destroyed the entire airport including 34 jetliners, took command of the battlespace, and raised their little black flag. But not all the aircraft were destroyed. ELEVEN jetliners are now ‘missing’. That’s right ‘missing’, not burned out shells left in situ, ‘missing’. (SOURCE) It’s almost as if that’s what they went there for in the first place. Let’s remember that passenger jets have been used as weapons of choice by both jihadis and Libyans (Lockerbie) effectively in the past.


Here they are celebrating on one of the captured planes at the airport in Tripoli:



That swanky piece of kit they are dancin the funky chicken on is a 5ADCM Libyan Airlines Dassault Falcon 50 and it’s not likely to reach the US, it could easily reach Europe.




Above is another photo taken after the airport was taken, and there’s at least one INTACT Airbus A330 in there


So they’ve got planes, what about pilots?


Well, it so happens that just before terrorists seized Libya’s Tripoli International Airport and made off with ELEVEN freaking planes. Our Commander in Chief lifted the ban on Libyans attending US flight schools and training in Nuclear Studies. The ban had been in place for 31 years, since 1983. (SOURCE) Quote: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s recent directive reports, “The United States Government and the Government of Libya have normalized their relationship, and most of the restrictions and sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Nations toward Libya have been lifted.” Note: It’s not like any terrorists need to finish flight school, they just need to know how to get the aircraft up and on target.


These days, a plane would never get near a target though right?


A lot has changed since 9/11 2001. New protocols regarding the shooting down of civilian populated areas by military fighters, increased airport security, and a multitude of other measures and counter-measures. But if a plane is inbound and about to slam into a western target on the ground we’d know well in advance right? Well, as we saw with MH370 it is possible to completely lose a passenger jet and 250 souls onboard even in the 21st century.

But that was in a remote area over the Indian ocean, it could never happen in airspace over populated land right? 

From JUNE this year: “As many as 13 planes flying over Europe vanish from radar screens in an “unprecedented” series of blackouts that lasted 25 minutes. An air-safety investigation has been launched after 13 planes flying over Europe disappeared from radar screens in two “unprecedented” blackouts” – Dry run or systems failure? Either way, planes disappeared and we still don’t know what happened. (SOURCE)


What about sleepers, their people on the ground?


It maybe that any airborne attack on major landmarks could just be the start, part of a larger plan, and if so they gonna need ‘agents of terror’ all ready to activate across a wide area. There’s no way they can simply ‘invade’ USA or European nations like they have done in the Middle East. They need people on the ground ahead of time. Guess who’s got that all under control. Yep it’s our friend ‘one-eyed Willy’ again.


He just keeps popping up with all the answers right?


The illegal immigration networks operating out of the region of Maghreb-Sahel to Europe via Libya are controlled by “Mokhtar Belmokhtar”. This so called ‘Mr Marlboro’, is the big boss of the trafficking in the region, with ties in south Libya and mercenary ISIS jihadists. It’s also worth remembering we’ve ‘lost visibility’ of 6000 foreign nationals who entered legally on student visas and who are now also on a DHS watchlist. (SOURCE)


This ugly thimble-dicked douchewrench got his fingers in all the pies.



I’m not trying to get anyone to freak out. I’m just jotting down some ‘coincidences’, and while we NEVER FORGET those lost, let’s also NEVER FORGET they did it once, we didn’t see it coming and they’ll do it again given a sliver of a chance. In my opinion with all that’s happening (or *not* happening) in Syria and Iraq with the ISIS threat, we may be over-looking this piece of shit in Libya.


Twas the week before 9/11 and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring…. except for… all the creatures.
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