CLEAR EVIDENCE: #ISIS and other terror elements have been infiltrating Anonymous for over 2 years…

… but they’re still to dumb to realize it.


“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines… ” ~ Muhammad Ali


#ISIS went online viral. Now, do you want to  know who’s fueling it? Here we go then. I’m gonna try and not groan on here. But this is important. Most of you know I’ve been going on VERY VOCALLY for years about how the so-called ‘hacktivist’ collective ‘Anonymous’ and their little wannabe offshoots have been ripe for infiltration by foreign terrorist organizations, hell I’ve written numerous blog posts on it; Here’s one of the better ones, mos of you will have seen it, but if not I strongly recommend you check it out. A few others of you out there will remember my spat with ‘TEAM POISON’, one of the many splinter groups of anonymous. They basically phone bombed the UK’s Anti-Terror hotline a few times. Some of their number were apprehended and I wrote a lovely blog post all about that shit, when it happened in 2012. You can catch up with that here.


So lets cut to the chase, ‘TEAM POISON’, one of the numerous ‘Anonymous’ offshoots, posted videos at the time in 2012 onto Youtube, under their own account, of recordings of them TROLLING the UK’s MI6 Anti-Terror hotline (and MI6 trolling them back by all accounts). In one such video posted by themselves they overlaid their ‘demands’. To be precise, it was this video (just in case it gets pulled, I’ve grabbed a screenshot below):



If you skip to 41 seconds in, you’ll notice they overlaid their little blurb. Remember, this video, as of writing is still there, uploaded by them, at the time on April 11th 2012. I urge you to skip to 41 seconds in and hit pause.
Just in case the video gets pulled, here’s a screenshot of the same pause, click here to enlarge:


Now enlarge it with this link.





In the third highlighted paragraph they talk about one ‘Adel Abdul Bary‘ – remember this is back in 2012. That name might ring a bell with some of you. They are referring to a man who, and I quote: “is believed to have been an associate of Osama bin Laden’s and was allegedly involved in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. He was extradited to the U.S. in 2012.” (Source)


So what, they are just kids right? – WRONG.


This Adel Abdul Bary (Snr) they talk about 2 years ago, is in fact the FATHER of one ‘Abdel-Majed Addel Bary’ (Jnr), who also happens to be *one* of the prime suspects for the JIHADI executioner, who beheaded James Foley a couple weeks ago in Syria. (Source)  This same lunatic also publically “declared his allegiance to Anonymous” prior to murdering a US Journalist. (Source)


Incidently, the TEAM POISON guy, doing the talking in the above video, is TRiCK, AKA Junaid Hussein also from UK, who also recently went to fight for ISIS  around June this year. (Source). Not so fucking ‘lulzy’ now is it? Tell me again how these @LizardSquad anonymous/lulzsec offshoot wannabes, who keep posting pro ISIS crap are not a threat to US National Security?


Also lets be clear. Anons and their lulzy offshoot wannabes sure as fuck weren’t targeted for their non-existent tech skills. They were ‘recruited’ because they are a relatively large and ‘leaderless’ gaggle of immature directionless shitbirds, who any element of terror with a catchy ‘op’ name, knew were pliable and would carry their message for them, much like a herd of lemmings. Except along the way, this time they ‘recruited’ at least one (very likely more) bonehead failed ‘rapper’ executioner, who came from that same gaggle of directionless, flockless, feckless morally bankrupt shitbirds known as anonymous. Their members are famous for being desperate for individual ‘fame’ and in-fighting about it (hence the offshoots).  Because that’s what Anonymous and it’s offshoots clearly attract.


…. And there’s me thinking one of the original ‘mandates’ of ‘Anonymous’ et all, was freedom of the press and speech.

They got pwned.


Additionally, there was recently an effort online using the hashtag #ISISMediaBlackout aiming to eradicate the propaganda messages and disgusting images of people they had executed. While everyone else was concentrating on that. The leading ‘Anonymous’ twitter account with 1.3 million followers was trying to give ISIS a voice as we see here:




Finally, riddle me this. Given the fact the actual ISIS are busy dodging daisy cutters in Iraq and beheading children in Syria often in locations with no running water, so you can forget internet connections, how exactly is it that there have been literally thousands of ‘ISIS’ accounts spring up on Social media? ISIS went online viral on OUR SOCIAL MEDIA and now you know who’s fueling it.

So there it is, and I hate smart-asses too, that’s why  I hate to say it, but I was right the first time. SIDENOTE: The rumors ARE true. I did do the ALS Association Ice-Bucket Challenge for charity a couple of days ago, and a camera was rolling and here’s the FOOTAGE.