Rachel Marsden – Come on down.

“It’s a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. One begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle


Pre-amble: I have had years of people coming at me using sexual ploys to try and needle my true ID out of me – but this is the first time I have had someone come at me using my ‘dox’ to try and actually get sex. This is a hefty post so here’s a spoiler if you are short on time, you’ll get the skinny straight away, but I highly recommend reading this full post for context and completeness.


The first thing I would like you to take notice of here is the quote above, please bear in mind that I actually tweeted this exact quote out days ago when I started work on this particular blog post. My reasons for pointing this out will become apparent as you (hopefully) enjoy this latest episode of wacky. So what’s been going on then? Well it seems somebody has taken a little shine to me and is more than a little annoyed that, well, to put it bluntly, I have rejected her internet delivered aggressive sexual advances. Here’s the scoop:


So a couple weeks back I get followed by one @RachelMarsden – I briefly glanced at her profile and saw she appeared to be a National Security and Political commentator so I followed back. She almost instantaneously began to make aggressive sexual advances to me in Twitter Direct Messages while also insisting she knew my true identity. I get this kind of thing a lot, so I just blocked her as another troll/failed social engineer. Unfortunately I find myself blocking between 50-100 lunatics a day and so thought nothing of it.


A short time later a person I have respect for on twitter, whose name I am not going to mention, but lets just say his name rhymes with ‘orange’, contacted me to explain to me that @RachelMarsden was truly upset that I had blocked her, vouched for her, and requested that I unblock her, and because it was ‘orange’ requesting it, I unblocked and followed. But that’s a rare occurrence, so I decided to check this woman out, thinking she must be pretty amazing at whatever it is she does.




I immediately saw she’s outstanding at what she does. In fact, she’s been previously recognized the world over as a leader in her field. She’s a goddam convicted serial stalker. I shit you not. Here’s a small selection of her ‘awards’.



  • She had ‘relationship’ with Mr Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, if by relationship a you mean a one-night-stand. He quickly realized this lady’s elevator didn’t quite reach the top floor. She proceeded to (and I quote publish their private sex chats and emails, and sell his sweater on ebay, and not before making sure there was a ‘light colored stain’ on it) – FULL STORY HERE (Great comments btw).
  • Falsely accused a Swiming coach of rape, causing the guy to lose his job. But 2 weeks later when it was proven how crazy Marsden was a froot loop he was fully exonerated and re-instated at his workplace – QUOTE: “According to Donnelly, Marsden had been stalking him for years, making multiple hang-up calls and showing up at his home. Donnelly claimed that this behavior had begun as early as 1992 but had worsened over time. He alleged that by 1995, someone he believed to be Marsden had vandalized his car, strewn condoms in his driveway, posted graffiti advertising his number as a phone-sex line in campus bathrooms, subscribed to Playboy in his name, and left phone messages for him with a voice-altering machine. Donnelly later told the press: “She was everywhere. She would turn up at events where I was working. She was phoning me all the time … She admitted she bought a voice-altering machine. That was the one that scared me the most. It sounds like the devil.” FULL STORY HERE
  • She has been convicted of criminal harassment in Canada where she originates from, its worth pointing out she plead guilty to this charge. – QUOTE: “Marsden is infamous in Vancouver, B.C., especially among some people in the media who went to broadcasting school with her. It’s well known that she basically padded her resume with fake jobs to get attention south of the border. For more info on her last tangle with the law in Vancouver, see this court judgement (scroll down to the bottom of the document which outlines the reasons she was charged)” HERE’S THE COURT DOCS
  • She was fired by Fox News on air and escorted from the set by security -QUOTE: “Last time we heard of Rachel Marsden – the sassy conservative Canadian pundit and co-host of Fox News’ late night show Red Eye – she was being escorted out of the News Corp. facilities, amid rumors that she was aggressively stalking an unnamed man.” – FULL STORY
  • An epic run down of her particular brand of psychosis here – QUOTE: “Rachel Marsden: A whole new continent of bridges to burn.
    Having left a trail of shell shocked ex-boyfriends, jobs where security guards escorted her out of the building when she was fired, restraining orders, racism scandals, false rape accusation scandals and a lot of really shitty writing Rachel Marsden has relocated to Paris.” – FULL STORY


There’s plenty more out there too, if you want to give yourself the chuckles try a google search for ‘Rachel Marsden Stalker‘ and go from there. Now normally I’d have blocked again, however she kept insisting she had my identity. Even saying she could call me at anytime. I did at one point challenge her to call me but no call came, this was a good sign. All the while trying to get me to enter into ‘sexual conversations’ with her and sending me ancient half naked pictures of her from when she was a ‘model’ about 20 years ago I kept politely side-stepping these advances. Now, I just wanted to know who this renowned bunny boiler thought I was.



It’s one thing to have a twitter account and manage to stay under the radar, but there’s more to it than that. There’s other ‘real-world’ decoy personas with entire back stories out there, and I leave little clues to them. In fact at least two of them have already been burned. Anyone remember ‘Beau Colvin’ a month or so ago? Yep – that was one of my decoy persona’s who’s name is still actually in the source code of this very blog (because I put it there), and even though I had planted Colvin‘s decoy ‘dox’ on pastebin 2 years ago it took a long time for that one to come out.
I really wanted know did she have one of my decoys or did she have more. Well, I kept asking and she kept being coy, all the time she was trying to convince me of how connected she was, and engage in ‘sex talk’ (with a cartoon avatar. WTF??) Eventually she gave me enough to realize which decoy she had. It was in fact one of the old fail dox names (M Walker) and if you remember, that name was burned about 12 months ago, shit I even mentioned the particular name she had on my blog over a year ago here. This decoy, first showed up on the side-hack of my old abandoned Russian mail account. It showed up as the name on an account for which I used a pre-paid VISA gift card to purchase services (because I put it there). Anyone who has used a pre-paid VISA gift (like VanillaVisa) will know that you can use any name and register any zip code to it. Interestingly too, the only person who is convinced I am a British unemployed, overweight slob living on welfare in middle earth of that name, is non other than the mouse-detective known as NarcoTroll, As you can imagine, given that history, now I want to have a little fun with it, especially now I knew of Marsdens’ previous stalking campaigns.


So anyway I finally ‘admit defeat’ to @RachelMarsden, she has ‘caught me’ (oh noes!) and I humbly ‘succumb’ to her ‘superior intelligence’. Probably foolishly in hindsight, I ‘discuss’ more with Marsden about decoy ‘me’, in fact, you couldn’t make this shit up. Well that’s not strictly true, as that’s exactly what I did, including decoy ‘photos of me’. Damn, it’s a pretty wild and zany tale she got spoon fed there, all amazing fantastical adventures of foreign and domestic military service, troubles, all kinds of shit, all based on previous fail dox, people I know are already safely dead, and most importantly what I had gleaned about what she thought she already knew. She lapped it up, in fact to my dismay, it appears that @RachelMarsden became EVEN MORE infatuated with ‘me’ – a cartoon head on the internet. Kinky.


Quick rundown on just some of what has been independently speculated, or injected into psyches of people hunting my true ID:


  • French citizen. British Citizen. Swedish citizen. French Foreign Legion. Some other Military. AWOL. Or no military and it’s all stolen valor. Wounded warrior with one leg or something. In a wheelchair. Broke, on welfare, living in public housing in the UK. Apparently very fat according to NarcoTroll (are you into the spherically challenged Rachel?). International traveling man of mystery flying from US to Europe all the time. Employed illegally in the United States. I’m Homosexual. A team of government operators. A team of random people. I’m an artificially intelligent bot. Ginger hair. Dark Hair. My sister died and this makes me angry.


Back on point: A day or so later @RachelMarsden was still pushing hard and aggressive to hook up or engage in sex talk, and sending me ancient pictures of her in her underwear as a model and persistently asking me to engage with her further, I decided this lady was a ‘dented can’ and to back away quietly. I attempted on numerous occasions during my final communications on Wednesday 5th July with @RachelMarsden to say to say as politely as I could – ‘I am not interested ma’am’ – but she wasn’t getting the message. I logged those final words where I very politely try to get her to understand I’m not interested in her. Here’s a link to the actual conversation for your perusal.
Or maybe she finally did get the message. That same evening I got a tip-off from via a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, that, a relevant authority had been contacted by someone punting out the very same decoy name and elements of the decoy back story to them. This is exactly why I have multiple decoys, so if one gets mentioned anywhere I already know who is running with it. Marsden had run to authorities with a faildox decoy out of pure spite and vindictiveness because I rejected her crazy advances. WOW. That’s just bad-ju-ju Marsden. It was at that point I fake DHS seized my own sites including this one in order to let her know I was aware of what she had just tried to do, and to observe her reaction. Her reaction was to delete 2 tweets to ‘orange’ which appeared to be subtweets to myself. And try to tell me that someone else on twitter had called in my ‘true ID’. How exactly did she know a call had taken place – because she made it, or more accurately had someone make it. You can watch her trying to blame this on someone else in the logs further down this post. Meanwhile, here are those deleted tweets:





The first tweet copied in ‘orange’ who I have redacted. It’s a clear modification of the Steve Jobs awesome quote that I am pretty well known for using. The second is pretty obvious really. Very interesting to me that these were impulse deleted minutes after @RachelMarsden initially and incorrectly believed ‘Jester’s site had been seized by the gov’ on the very same night.



So I sat quiet and watched and watched. Since then I have been subjected to SCORES and SCORES of twitter direct messages from this nutjob, they start off trying to frame someone else for the fact she had reported ‘my name’ to authorities, ramping up to direct threats to write a hit piece on me to expose and smear the shit out of me on her syndicated column via The Chicago Tribune. Good. Do it Ms Marsden. I also knew she was trying to sell my ‘dox’ to other people (who came to me direct to tell me). I was going block her, but they came so thick and fast I decided to keep a log (see below).


For clarity: The last communication she had from me was Wednesday afternoon stating that I was not interested in any kind of hookup or relationship. Here’s that link to that actual conversation again. As of this writing it’s been 96 hours of non-stop messages from her, to which she has received not a single response, and it’s still going on. I can also state I was very gentlemanly about my lack of interest in her, but my manners are no match for her crazy. She’s tried everything to get a response since I asked her politely to back off, as you will see from the log below. Remember, we have never been in a relationship, I have rejected every single advance from her, and we have only been in communication a couple weeks.






As for me, I don’t give a shit if she runs along and publishes what she is sure is me. I fed her the whole epic line of shit, knowing she was a whack job career stalker as most recently documented above and across the internet for all to see. And she knows it. She has nothing to gain here, it’s pure butthurt spite because she just can’t believe someone rejected her advances, and sadly now I don’t even want to ‘be her friend’. Is this High School or what?
But for completeness:




  • Ask yourself this Marsden: Why would I give you any real info considering I knew about your disgraceful history and MO, right out of the gate? And after just a couple weeks of sporadic comms. Shit there’s people who I actually trust and have been in contact with me for nearly 4 years who still don’t know who I am. Just chew on that for a minute.
  • Now ask yourself this: That name has been floated around as yet another fail for over a year and you recently got someone to call it in again? How is it I am am still here?
  • Now get your pointy snout into this: Do you not think maybe the info is bad and already been ruled out, and put in the ever growing fail file like all the other random names found by others or strategically placed long-term decoys.


Gentlemen, avoid this ‘lady’ at all costs. You don’t even have to be in a relationship with her or have slept with her for her to go all batshit crazy on you, hell you don’t even need a real face, just a cartoon will do fine. A hat tip to her previous victims like Mr Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Fox News host Mr Greg Gutfeld and Mr Donnelly for their restraint when she glommed onto them.
As I said at the top of this post, I had have years of people coming at me using sexual ploys to try and ‘get my dox’ – but this is the first time I have had someone come at me using my ‘dox’ to get sex. Come back NarcoTroll all is forgiven, at least you have never tried anything like this fucking low-down bullshit. I can at least respect that, lady.
Ms Marsden – Allow me to lay it down for you one more time. No ma’am, I do not want anything to do with you in any capacity ,and even if I did, I couldn’t because I’m allergic to penicillin, it gives me puke, and let’s face it who wants to vomit twice in a row?
You have abused your ‘Journalistic credentials’ and the reputation of journalists everywhere with a weak attempt to further your stalking and blackmail of me to try and force me to make contact with you? Really? Well fuck you lady. Joke’s on you. Better yet, you are the joke. Your motives for any attempt to expose me, discredit me, or smear me are clear to see and represent a disgusting abuse of your alleged ‘professional status’. It’s people like you that causes people to not trust the many hardworking and honorable actual journalists out there.
If you feel the need to sue me over this article. Good luck. You have successfully ID me first. And here’s a pro-tip – actually asking me who I am is not going to yield a positive hit. Ever. You’ll have to do better than that, because I don’t always self-dox, but when I do it wont be to a career stalking nutbag like you. I’ve already started to build my next decoy IRl persona, he’s gonna be part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s ‘E’ Division. You are gonna just love him judging by your history of messing with anti-terror cops too. Keep an eye out for ‘him’. I dedicate this article to all your previous victims, whose lives you have sought to destroy. You just got played hard. Now suck it up.


Here’s all those messages she sent again, all without response from me, just in case you missed it the first time. I’m pretty sure there’s some Psychology college prof could use them as a case-study. Read from the bottom up as they are in reverse order. Zero to crazy in about as much time as it takes to drop a turd.


This post marks the birth of a new specimen of troll. The #ErotoTroll.


But know this. Ms Marsden was NOT operating in a vacuum during this whole bullshit. Tick Tock guys.


To Mr Jimmy Wales. Happy Birthday bro. Peace.




Next stop Winningville. Population: Charlie Sheen.

UPDATE 24th May 2014

She’s crazier than I first gave her credit for. But that crazy has since been summed up here, and I might add this loon has been running multiple sock twitter accounts in an attempt to …. well god knows what. One of her current socks @Non_Disclosure is so transparent it’s almost funny, it’s been snarking at John Schindler (@20committee) for weeks now, and it’s no surprise, Marsden on her own ‘business profile on twitter’ (vaporware) posted herself at the BBC in London UK on May 2nd, there for a job interview, however, it seems from her sock account (@Non_disclosure) – she did not get hired, judging from the rage she has been directing towards the BBC for that last 2 days. I lolled.
…..Standby for more hilarious Rachel Marsden updates (lol)

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