Joey Ortega – Behind the Wig

UPDATE: Since this post Joey Ortega has changed his Twitter name from @TheYellowTape to @BTYT_Radio in an attempt to distance himself … from …well… himself – lolwat?


Yet continues to harass random people and their employers whom he mistakenly believes have connections to my real identity.


The poisonous, obnoxious, obsessive stalker known as NarcoTroll Emick famed for spending the last 2 years of her life hounding me, has FINALLY found a friend. It had to happen sooner or later, and I must say they definitely deserve each other. Both are failed ‘investigators’ both are parasitic trolls spewing lies and bullshit day after day in the hope that something eventually sticks, and most interestingly both are desperate for recognition or fame and they see me as a ‘trophy’ or something. They want to be the one who ‘got me’.


Here’s the sad story of how the NarcoTroll Emick finally found a friend.


It’s a little known fact that Joey Ortega AKA @BTYT_Radio used to approve of my intrepid adventures, so much so that popular culture might have even referred to him as a ‘fanboi’. This all changed after a fateful night a few months back.
Now, Joey lives with his brother and his sister-in-law, sponging off them by day, and by night he has a natty little podcast – he actually uses this fact to pass himself off as ‘media’ to anyone who will listen, but lying is a personal trait of his. So anyway, his show lasts about 2 hours, but if you cut out all the ‘umming and ahhhing’ and ‘errrrring’ there’s about 5 minutes of actual content. One night he advertised on twitter he was going to be talking about me on his ‘show’. I decided I would listen to it and thought I might help him out and let all my followers know about his show and that I would be listening too. You know, helping a ‘brother’ out.


So it came to pass that Joey’s show got more listeners than it has ever had (combined) on this particular night. But 2 strange things happened during the course of the show.


First Strange thing: As we all know I get A LOT of people pretending they are me, imposters if you will. I am currently in a battle with twitter to try and get myself verified because of this very thing, you can read my open letter here. So during the show a mildly amusing freaking Keith Richards sound-a-like calls in and says he is ‘The Jester’ – I lolled. But he was lucid enough to say he would ‘authenticate’ on twitter that he was the ‘real’ Jester.


Sidenote: In hindsight I think it was probably a ruse engineered by Joey himself. Something like – get a friend to phone into his podcast making out he’s ‘Jester’ and gain major listeners and ratings, or whatever the fuck.


Second Strange thing: I thought, for once I’ll roll with the imposter and tweeted out during the show that the Keith Richards Sound-a-like was genuinely me, just to see how it panned out. I bet the imposter damn near shit his pants. Big fucking mistake.


After his show Joey decided to make a ‘mixtape’ called ‘Trolled by Jester’ with sound bites of the Keith Richards caller and then sell it on iTunes, Amazon, and a million other places. This is when I first realized Joey was a fame whoreing parasite who will stop at nothing to further his own agenda and financial gain, on the backs of others. He ‘marketed’ the ‘mixtape’ by pushing out I was on it. This is all AFTER I had found out about it and contacted him privately to save him from public embarrassment to inform him that firstly, it wasn’t actually me who called his show, did he really think I would break cover after over 3 years to call a shitty little podcast with 4 listeners, and also that I was not happy about him making money off my name, misleading the public and misrepresenting me.


This is when he got nasty.


The NarcoTroll Emick, who latches on to anybody who shows even a hint of disagreeing with me, noticed this and started feeding him her line of shit all about how I am fake, and a scammer etc etc and she’s even furnished him with ‘my name’ – lol. Now Joey, is on a mission to ‘destroy’ me, expose me and prove all of NarcoTroll Emick‘s theories and generally take a dump on everything I do or say. They are really quite menacing and harrassing to anyone who supports me too. They are also so narcissistic they insist that anyone who disagrees with them or disproves their shit with facts or evidence is an account run by myself, they literally can’t grasp that another human being isn’t buying their lies. It’s actually quite laughable, I’m not going to bore you with the hundreds of tweets he has directed at me over the past week but here’s a couple of my faves:





So I’ve repeatedly and publicly asked him to provide this ‘name’ of mine……. crickets.





This is where he thinks his hair is of adequate length to ‘give me a shot’.





Errrrm – who the fuck are you again Joey? My Dad or something?



The best theory they have dumped so far (and there are many, no shred of facts or evidence to back anything up though) is regarding the last WBC hack (Yahoo news story) on the Oklahoma site. Emick and Joey are insisting that I registered the domain 5 YEARS ago, it belonged to me and I never hacked anything. Lemme get this correct, I registered site 2 years before ‘Jester’ even existed in the hope that a natural disaster would occur (in Oklahoma no less) all so I could fake a hack on WBC? Okaaaay crackheads, because that sounds legit. Ever hear of WHOIS?


I just wanted you guys to know what went down. This latest round of online abuse has flared up since my laptop was installed at the International Spy Museum in DC, I made the cover of Newsweek , I had a TV slot on MSNBC and I dared to make and sell some t-shirts all in the same week. Funny that? You see, it boils down to pure jealousy and butthurt. Nothing more complicated than that, and as we have seen this week, birds of a feather are flocking together, except the flock is pretty sparse. They are both the most narcissistic fuckstains I have ever witnessed and deserve each other.


So be advised, these two insignificant glue bags will spend all day and night, hinting and eluding to ‘facts’, suggesting they ‘have something’ and being generally vague about their ‘investigations’ – all you have to do is ask them to show some kind of ‘evidence’ or proof of their crazy fucking claims.


In short Joey, I’m not calling you an asshole. NarcoTroll Emick is an asshole. But if an asshole had an asshole, you’d be that asshole. I would suggest you make like ‘Lou Diamond Phillips’ and pedal your spirit horse off my dick, before I actually uncoil on you. You should know, the last troll that I did that with was REALLY SORRY, and if you view this you have to ask yourself the question ‘what could make a grown-ass man fold and u-turn after a 2 year smear campaign.


I’d like to thank all the followers I have that help me deal with these chapped-ass parasitic wasters, keep challenging the crazy. But remember, there’s too many awesome people on twitter to waste too much time on this lot. Thank you.
Some people just need a high five. To the face. With a chair.


Okay that’s all for now.




cc: Mr Michael Ullemeyer


PS: What you still doing here? Quit reading this and get to the good stuff about the Snowden/NSA furor.


UPDATE 7/8/2013

So even after I politely asked Joey to fuck off, and warned him of the dangers of being associated with the NarcoTroll Emick he didn’t quite get the message So I thought I should see if his employer/business partner knew about his nefarious and shady e-whoring. I took the liberty of setting up a secure one-time use disposable email address and sent Mr Ullemeyer a little note explaining that he’s bringing the company name down. I also went into detail about the relationship between Ortega and famed internet stalker NarcoTroll Emick – also linking to this very post for his perusal.
I got a reply and it went a little like this (Click to enlarge):




As you can see it’s taken Joey Ortega less than a month of being associated with NarcoTroll Emick to lose his job. So now he’s just like her, an unemployed oxygen thief, and the PI license he claimed he had, that was his bosses. So when he tells you he’s a PI, he most definitely is not. Joey I did try to warn you. But whatever. I’m not completely heartless though Joe. Here’s all about how you can make money selling your hair.



UPDATE 07/28/13

It has come to light earlier this week, that the butthurt is strong with Joey, since hooking up with NarcoTroll Emick and losing his job because of it. I’m not going to explain, rather let you read this news update from ‘Jesters Court Communications’ out of Pennsylvania dated July 23, 2013.



Click for larger version and here for the original post


As soon as I posted the last update less than 30 minutes ago, ‘’ Communications out of PA came under DDoS attack from a botnet, interesting considering the people mentioned in the update above. Dontcha think?





Who’s got a motive to want that to go away? And who’s got the ability to request a hit from or via @Sanguinarious AKA William Welna, who by chance is a known DDoSer, troll, Former-Anon and close associate of NarcoTroll Emick.



UPDATE 08/27/13

Well old Joey has finally resurfaced after 6 weeks hiding like a frightened schoolgirl. He’s hooked straight back up with NarcoTroll Emick and the latest lunatic Erototroll Marsden and found a clever new angle to come at me. He’s basically spent the last few days screaming about how I am a ‘thief’, here’s just a snippet:





So what’s this latest round of shit about?



Well it’s about the ‘JesterHead’ image I have been using without issue for nearly 4 years. I purchased (using a Pre-paid VISA Gift card) a license to use this image from a stock photo site years ago. Now Joey is more than pissed that I am selling T-Shirts in the JesterGear Store so Joey and his little friends have gone through the finer print of said license agreement and pointed out that the license denies use for ‘Print on Demand’ products, like my store items.



Not only that they have contacted and the original artist painting me as a criminal for ‘stealing’ the image and using it in such a manner. Now I am sure I am not the first person to make this mistake. But I have also contacted the original artist, who as it happens when he saw my work, became somewhat of an instant fan (thanks Joey).



And here’s what he came up with (click to open full size)





You know Joey, if you are open and honest with people, most people recognize a mistake and are cool. You should try it sometime.



But wait!



It turns out all Joey’s huffing and puffing about this ‘brand hijacking bullshit’ is another example of projection. You see his entire pathetic little podcast called ‘Behind The Yellow Tape‘ was stolen by him from – I shit you not. The name was stolen, the look and feel was stolen, and most damningly the intro music to his podcast is actually the exact same music featured here. (Turn up volume).



UPDATE 29th Dec 2013

LOL. After a few months of Joey being engrossed in his ummm new ‘music career’, last night he finally chirped back up to attempt to throw his latest (and greatest) theory about me out there. You would think by now he might have moved on, even a gerbil might have learned a few lessons by now right? But not Joey.



Here’s his latest theory from last night:




By chance, tonight one of Joeys former colleagues approached me in direct messages on Twitter and wanted to express concern and apology about Joey. It was very enlightening. You see in the past I have heard reports of Joey harassing my followers, threatening their kids, calling their places of work claiming to be a ‘PI’ or ‘Investigative journalist’ etc. Well this conversation below shows how Joey is considered a joke among his peers and stupidly has attempted to solicit and coerce others to abuse their real Private Investigator license to illegally obtain information on people who he mistakenly believes are me in order to harass them. And that’s just bad ju-ju. Isn’t it Joey.



So having obtained the other parties permission to release this here’s the conversation from earlier tonight, please note you may need to click it to zoom in it’s in reverse chronological order so start at the bottom.





Sit down. No. Ouch. Sit down. No. Ouch. Sit down. No. Ouch. <recurring>