So… About This Snowden Affair

“Jesters do oft prove prophets” ~ William Shakespeare – King Lear, Act 5, Scene III. 


NOTE: This post has updates below since time of writing. My twitter timeline is bulging with my views and commentary on this whole Edward Snowden/NSA thing, yet everyday there’s a new person asking me ‘ So J, what’s your take on the Snowden thing’ – well here’s my goddam take on the ‘Snowden thing’. Be advised it’s just what I think, and to those waxing on about your freedom of speech, then I’m entitled to mine too and here it is.


Let’s start with Snowden Himself


What we essentially have is a low-level gimp who has lied about numerous things and embellished others since identifying himself. What we do know is he fancied himself as a bit of a ladies man and international man of mystery. A very narcissistic character, although I am sure now he has a new found understanding as to why secrets are essential, considering he is hiding himself like a scared little puppy and doesn’t want anyone to know where he is or where he’s headed. Funny how that works. So secrets are okay now? For more of a background on exactly what caliber of  fuck stain Snowden has always been you can look at his past for yourself, he used to use the very inappropriate internet nickname TheTrueHOOHA, so here’s a simple google search of that handle from January 2000 to the day before he identified himself. Interesting reading.


……okay, that should have got rid of the ‘Snowden is a Hero’ demographic.


So on to the ‘Whistleblowing’


One thing to clear up is he didn’t work for the NSA. He worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and they contract to the NSA. The guy was a nobody, desperate to be a somebody. So much so he admitted here, that he went to work for Booz Allen Hamilton for the specific reason of gaining intelligence about the NSA’s programmes. He’s not a fucking ‘whistleblower’ he’s a traitor. There are procedures he could have followed that are designed specifically to protect the blower of the whistle, and none of them include running to the Chinese with FOUR laptops and a USB stick full of sensitive government information.


He didn’t have to do it this way. Any rules regarding government employees, especially NSA, not being permitted to blow whistles, don’t apply here, he didn’t work for NSA. He worked for a civilian contractor. Another thing people are questioning is how he had access to this stuff. Well he didn’t. What he did do as reported here, is fabricated digital keys that gave him access to areas he was not allowed to visit as a low-level contractor.
So let’s recap so far.



  • Snowden admits to joining Booze, for the sole reason of stealing (yes stealing, he’s a common thief too ) intel on NSA programmes.
  • Snowden admits to fabricating digital keys so that he could gain access to areas he was not authorized.
  • Snowden was in the job only 3 Months (with BAH) before he bolted to the open arms of the CHINESE with FOUR laptops.


This is not a goddam hero, here to save Americans from ‘the government’ because of privacy infringements and breaches of the 4th amendment, he is a traitor and has jeopardized all our lives because of the intelligence we have lost to perceived enemies, human operations that now have to be abandoned for fear of possible compromise, and worse than all this, intelligence we will no longer be able to aquire about threats to the nation in the future.


So what’s really going on?


Well it sure as hell isn’t trying to expose a corrupt government and save the people’s god-given privacy rights, that’s for damn sure. Look at the facts. This was plannned. Well planned. Snowden knew exactly where he was going, and who was gonna meet him there. Did nobody wonder how Wikileaks staff including Assanges’ own girlfriend, were in Hong Kong so quickly? FOUR laptops were mysteriously separated from Snowden, the genius master-spy as soon as he arrived in Hong Kong, they traveled in separate vehicles, because that sounds legit right? Then on to Russia for leg two of the world tour.


It’s my belief old Snowden was groomed by that Assange, much like Manning was. Also something worth noting is Mr transparency Assange himself is far from transparent and more than nefarious. Does nobody wonder why this fighter of truth and justice and transparency has:



  • Overlooked labor/death camped Russian whistleblowers Magnistky or Navalny.
  • Conveniently forgotten all about Pussy Riot’s incarceration?
  • Made sure certain nations feature far less (if at all) in the leaks? Russia for example anyone??


Well now you know. It’s not hard to see there’s a less than noble agenda here. Who is Assange, and what manner of dirt is he holding back in the cable releases about Ecuador? He’s been living on their dime in their London Embassy for a year now, and it’s possible that Snowden is heading there too. Oh, and here’s a coincidence, this whole thing occurred only one week into the Manning trial. Distinct smell of fish in the air.


It’s also interesting that both Snowden and Assange have played the – ‘I’ve got an insurance file that will be distributed over the internet if anything happens to me card.’ See here for Assange and here for Snowden versions of the same ransom tactic. What’s playing out with Snowden right now is game of highest bidder, and Assange is the broker, and has been from the start, remember Wikileaks staff including Assanges’ girlfriend – Sarah Harrison, were on the scene in Hong Kong pretty fucking fast.  And let’s not forget Assange isn’t seeking asylum because he’s some heroic whistleblower or do-gooder. He’s wanted for questioning on a rape charge.


But PRiSM is watching my every move?


Get a life. Shit, the average iPhone or Nikon SLR captures more identifying data and meta-data about you than PRiSM, are you getting all crotchety with Apple or Nikon too? Do you think PriSM is new? Just because YOU don’t know about it doesn’t mean it’s ‘new’ – try googling ‘Echelon‘ or ‘Carnivore‘, it’s just an natural extension of the same, things move on you know? Quit crying about it. I am aware of 40 foiled plots in just one year – just like the Boston Bombing – you can thank our intelligence community with the help of programmes like PRiSM you don’t know about 39 more. For the record, I don’t sway towards a pro-government stance, no matter what you may think, I sway toward pro OUR Military, LEA, & Intel Communities who do the same job no matter who is sitting in the big seat.


Even if NSA were hoovering up trillions of petabytes of data on every single individual in the country or the world for that matter, why do you feel that you are so riveting? Nobody in government gives a shit about who’s wife you are screwing. You know these same people who are crying about PriSM and projects like it, are the same folks who publish every morsel of food they consume and every dump they take to the likes of facebook for all the world to see.


But if you still want privacy? Be responsible for it yourself. It’s entirely possible to do, I am living proof by the way. If it’s that important to you, why would you entrust anyone else with it? The 2nd amendment allows us to carry guns, and be responsible for our personal safety. Correct use of encryption allows us to be responsible for our privacy.
Because freedom isn’t free.


Before you start slinging mud at me about my own activities. Two things to note. I never target the US and If I am arrested, and convicted in due process by a jury of my peers I will consider that justice will have been served.
(and I won’t run away to the Chinese or anyone else either as I am sure they’d love a little chat, because that’s just downright decidedly totally UNAmerican).


UPDATE 7th July 2013
It’s come to light that #Snowden has confirmed US & Israel created Stuxnet to target Iran’s nuclear program, which we all knew, but previously it was deniable. Remember Iran is an enemy, so don’t start with me. Also that he revealed details of Australias links to ‘US spy web’.


So, tell me again what the fuck that has to do with 4th Amendment rights of Americans? Nothing.
I would say that given Snowdens previous employment, all civilian jobs with government contracts, that he’s been in bed with Assange and Wikileaks for much longer than we realize, he got made, or felt he had been found out, so came up with this bullshit about protecting Americans 4th Amendment rights in a bid to escape prosecution.


And For your perusal:


UPDATE 21st May 2014
The hypocrisy and irony is unbelievable. It’s a well-known fact that ‘Wikileaks bootstrapped itself with a cache of documents obtained through an internet eavesdropping operation by one of its activists’  – yes that’s right, they were secretly monitoring and sniffing TOR users traffic and stealing the information to release on Wikileaks. Even though they are raising hell about PriSM. Well today it’s come to light that Snowden himself was running TOR nodes, and ‘keeping tabs’ (ie sniffing the traffic) on them. Now given the fact that Snowden purportes to be dead against any kind of spying on US citizens as protected by the Consitution, how then pray tell was he NOT monitoring the traffic of US citizens passing through his own TOR nodes? Given the fact that by it’s very nature TOR anonymizes source users, therefore Snowden would have no way to determine and filter out the US traffic anyway. Illegal wiretap anyone?
I kind of mentioned earlier on in this post how it’s my belief that ole fast Eddie Snowden had been groomed by Assange and Wikileaks and explained exactly why, but now more and more I’m starting wonder if those original documents that Wikileaks started off with wayback weren’t provided by Snowden himself, and he’s been bedmates with Wikileaks for longer than we first thought. Either way, pot is black, kettle is blacker.
Is this starting to make any sense yet people?


For my recent information about the ‘Snowden Effect in Real Terms’ << click the link.


“Jesters do oft prove prophets” ~ William Shakespeare – King Lear, Act 5, Scene III.