Don’t be Scared, it’s only a NarcoTroll

Well goddam. We all know the internet is seething with nasty little people who just want to piss others off, and will do and say whatever they can to achieve said goal. They are just common trolls, then there’s the plain crazies, then sitting atop of this festering pile of repugnant horse shit is a different breed of troll,  it’s the Narcissistic Troll or as I like to refer to them ‘NarcoTrolls’. They want a reaction. After over 2 years of this shit. Here’s mine.


Down ‘n Dirty


Jennifer Emick AKA @asherahresearch is one example. She’s 40 something years old and sits on the internet all day (and night), and from a house she rents from her parents at a subsidized rate, she never did her drivers ed, and is stuck indoors spewing baseless venom at anyone she subconsciously see’s as a ‘threat’. Let’s not be too hasty in judgement of her though, because she can’t help it, as she has extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder what’s more, it’s aggressive and it’s authoritarian.  Her projection issues, which just about anyone who has a run in with her comments on, are also classic.  Projection is a classic trait of NPD and it’s not the first time we’ve seen it, remember this fool? Jennifer Emick and John Tiessen should really hook up and get a room, to swap notes, although I fear she’ll be the one doing all the talking as she has a history of trolling and e-fame whoring dating back over 10 years, just google Jennifer+Emick+Troll to see what I mean. That’s right, 10 years no wonder she’s pissed and desperate, and it’s not the first time I have addressed this particular failer, here’s an article on InfosecIsland from 7 months ago.


Projection is a means of  justifying  actions that would normally be found atrocious or heinous. The NarcoTroll projects false accusations, information, etc., onto another for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion of superiority, moral authority, elite relevance and self-importance.  With Emick it is a constant stream of “you did this that and that” all of which she herself does, and then insisting she is the only one smart enough, elite enough and important enough to see what YOU did.  Anyone who sees that she is the one doing what she accuses others of is attacked viciously, because the one thing the NarcoTroll can never, ever accept is blame for their own failing or faults.


You can test this out anytime you like.  Simply ask @asherahresearch to “prove” her claims about me with concrete evidence and she will rage at you.  You are expected to take her rambling, inconsistent theories about me as proof – no tangible evidence is needed, just the unimpeachable notions of the grand Jennifer Emick.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder traits:  Illusions of Grandeur.



REALLY LOL? You spent over 2 years chasing me and your partner in crime, William Welna @sanguinarious only last night had some kinda epic meltdown and posted on his blog how the authorities are sick of your shit.


Emick has a high school education.  That’s it. She ‘wrote a book’ on Symbolism, but calling it ‘writing a book” is generous. It is a cobbled together catalog of already known, researched information taken from others’ work.  A rehash at best.
However, Emick claims to be:



  • the owner of an Intelligence Company,
  • a “Director of Intelligence”, (a C-level executive title)
  • she claims the FBI are her clients,
  • she claims she is an expert on ritual murders (pagan/religious) the police rely upon, despite having zero academic credentials in this field which means she could never be considered/authenticated as an ‘expert witness” in any criminal case (and anything she claims she ‘knows’ can be sourced to another actual expert anyway).
  • On her website she offers “Red Team” services, an extremely elite occupation that requires sophisticated computer skillsets, military training and academics she does not possess.


In short, she claims VERY elite titles in specialized occupations she fantasizes about, all to make herself look important.  She has achieved nothing in these fields.  Again, all she has a high school education, a loud and no doubt smelly mouth, and an unsightly nose-piercing.


The NarcoTroll is hellbent on maintaining an illusion they are superior, and a crippling inability to admit their own errors.  So when they are confronted with their own errors, they go on a rage projecting/accusing others (usually a special target, in her case myself & Kelly Hallisey, but she has a history of this, and will continue with new victims as time goes on) of doing what they do.  In personal relationships this is freaky because the NarcoTroll accuses the “victim” of everything they do, logic be damned.  A typical personal relationship example of this is battered wives who get accused of all kinds of stuff, abused for it, and then accused of being the abuser, i.e. the victim is at fault for MAKING the NarcoTroll do what they do.


“A Narcissist will lie intentionally and feel no remorse because, in their mind, their every action is justified. Their entire focus is to convince everyone around them of their superiority in every aspect of life.”


Are you confused? I am. Contradictary much?

This is a condensed excerpt from Millon:

“The Unprincipled Narcissist evidences a rash willingness to risk harm and is notably fearless in the face of threats and punitive action.  Malicious tendencies are projected outward, precipitating frequent personal and family difficulties as well as occasional legal entanglements.  Vengeful gratification is often obtained by humiliating and dominating others.  These Narcissists operate as if they have no principles other than exploiting others for their personal gain. Lacking a social conscience, they are opportunists and charlatans who enjoy the process of swindling others. Narcissists maintain in thoughts and actions the notion they are the ONLY person who matters or “knows” how things are.”


You will notice that Emick speaks to others as if they are idiots.  Often these others are people with extensive career experience in the fields she claims she works.  She speaks disdainfully to them, as if her vast imaginary experience (high school education, remember?) trumps their academic degrees, computer certifications, intelligence careers, real positions in major companies at director level, etc.


Perhaps one of the best classic examples of Emick’s crazy delusions of grandeur is her dismissal of TJ O’Connor, who authored the SANS Report  as a “naive college student” because he admires my work completely contradicts her raging theories about me.


Here is her tweet as @AsherahResearch calling Major TJ  O’Connor a “naive college student”





Major TJ O’Connor Highlights  (click here for an incomplete TJ O’Connor Resume)



  • TJ OConnor currently serves in the US Army Special Forces Command as an active duty Signal Officer.
  • TJ developed and taught courses on digital forensics, computer exploitation, and information assurance at the US Military Academy
  • He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from West Point
  • Published research at USENIX workshops, ACM Conferences, the Armed Forces Journal, the Army Magazine, the SANS Reading Room
  • Assigned as an advisor for the initial stand-up of the US Cyber Command (USCC)
  • TJ twice co-coached the winning team at the National Security Agency’s (NSA) annual cyber defense exercise.
  • He holds expert cyber security credentials including the GIAC Security Expert (GSE), Offensive Security OSCP and OSWP, and the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)
  • He is one of only four individuals worldwide that are certified as members of both the SANS Red and Blue Team Cyber Guardians
  • In separate competitions, TJ served as a red team aggressor for the Northeast Regional National Cyber Defense Exercise (NECCDC) and personally won the first annual National Defense University (NDU) Cyber Challenge


Emick has a high school diploma.  But clearly you must accept her random theories as superior to that of the poor, naive Major O’Connor because she knows better than all of us.


Even though Unprincipled NarcoTrolls recognize that “buttering up” others is more effective than hostility, they devolve quickly into direct manipulations and malice, sometimes under a facade of wit or humor, but they will attack viciously and feel entitled to do it.  They believe their self-importance exempts them from social constraints.


With Emick, if you do not agree with her rambling theories about others, then you are simply too stupid, to blind to see what the all-knowing, superior intellect of Emick can see.  If you do not accept her diagnosing you as too stupid to agree with her, she will then slide into calling you disgusting, or insisting you are a “sock” or agent of the person she attacks, because for the NarcoTroll it is intolerable to accept that others disagree with them on merit.  It’s impossible in their world because they cannot ever, ever confront the fact that are just full of shit.  That shit is what keeps them going.
Unprincipled Narcissists display an indifference to truth that, if brought to their attention, is likely to elicit nonchalance, indifference or a refusal to even acknowledge.  They feign an air of justified innocence.  Their principle orientation is that of outwitting others, getting power and exploiting them.  A number of these NarcoTrolls attempt to project an image of cool strength, acting tough, arrogant and fearless.  To prove their courage, they may invite danger and punishment.  But punishment or attacks on them from others merely REINFORCE their sense of importance, that they deserve recognition, that they are a force to be reckoned with.  Instead of deterring them, being attacked makes them feel validated.
Emick loves to spew venomous commentary at others, then claim she is the victim.  She cannot make the connection to her complaints she is attacked by Anonymous (see the laughable Gizmodo article on her) with her own actions against others.  This is because as an Unprincipled NarcoTroll she believes the attacks on HER are proof she is right, but her attacks on OTHERS are, well . . also proof she is right.


Her main attacks on others:  they are fakes (she is the fake), they are attention whores (god, oh god does this woman do everything crazy she can to get attention,  they are idiots, disgusting, crazy, etc.  And the list goes on.  You can take all the accusations Emick makes about others and see them in her own life.  It would be tragic and sad, if there was anything to like about this woman.


Let’s put  it in context. At the time of writing after 10 years in her ‘field’ the woman behind the NarcoTroll account I speak of  has more tweets than I’ve followers, yet less followers as I’ve tweets. Go figure.
I wanted to put more screen captures, of her particular brand of crazy in this blog post, but I really can’t justify the time it takes to upload them so here’s some further reading:


FYI this list only goes back 6 weeks, it’s been going on 10 years. And as such, the woman has annoyed more than just me, this post is comprised of information from multiple sources because you can’t spend 10 years pissing people off without them biting back sooner or later, Jen. Stay frosty, and make sure you sanitize your beautiful nose-tack, if infection sets in it might make you look ‘different’ or maybe even ugly?


And here’s a previous article on this ‘woman’. But this one is my favorite, short and kinda sums it up.


Yay. Ya famous. Rage on.


Public Information Service: Jen Emick also runs the following accounts: @R0bertwest @Fakegregghoush and most obviously  and @Greenman995 , she also runs the account @asherahgulag and often you will find her talking to herself and having conversations with these accounts in pathetically transparent  attempts to validate herself. You can easily tell she’s running them because their sole purpose is to side with Jen and shit talk me, and they pretty much only tweet anything when @asherahresearch is on her backfoot.




Update 07/13/2013
Well it’s been a while since I spoke about the NarcoTroll Emick, but I notice she’s still there rattling away. It really does say something about your life when you spend all day tweeting and sub-tweeting someone who has you blocked. So back on point. As some of you know NarcoTroll Emick noticed someone had a beef with me – as if this wasn’t bad enough for the guy, she latched onto him and fed him her crazed disjointed bullshit theories about me and he ran with it. Now he has no job, just like NarcoTroll Emick, and no prospect of a job. Nice work Emick.


So anyway I noticed today a perfect example to share, that illustrates just what a delusional and compulsive liar this person actually is, bear with me, you’ll laugh in the end, and I’m not trying to be personal but bullshit is bullshit.



A size SIX? Get the fuck outta here. Surely you are referring to your feet right?



You have friends? At Defcon too? Wow That’s new.



Well folks here’s live video footage of your SIZE SIX in the wild with her ‘friends’ at Defcon. Just look how her ‘TWEEPS’ participate in her open-mike session. Please note, she wasn’t ‘invited’ to speak or anything, she’s just that much of an arrogant and narcissistic navel picker. And remember folks, it’s not the size of the thighs, it’s the size of the lies.



SKIP TO 22mins 35 Secs for the awesome or click here to jump direct to it.

SKIP TO 22mins 35 Secs for the awesome or click here to jump direct to it.



Still here? Check this:

(The video below was made by one of my twitter followers over nearly 18 months ago)