The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear.

Well, well. I take a little twitter vacation for a few hours and the crazies come out in force with their batshittery. It’s been a very interesting time, watching, waiting and giggling at the epic fail trolls. Just to catch you up on the latest. Yesterday after I showed Anonymous to be a crowd of assclowns by publically handing 45.2% of my sample of 250 random anons their asses (read about it here it’s hilarious), I decided to deactivate my Twitter account for reasons that will become apparent in this post.


It took about 3 seconds for the wild delusional and butthurt theories to start flying around. The most amusing came from @lulzmouse, whom was one of the first of the anons to get suckered by yesterdays pwn-fest. You can read the conversation I had with this bipolar troll directly after she fell through the Looking glass here:
@lulzmouse cleverly (or not) decided to claim, on what grounds I have no idea, that I was in fact the fuckstick known as @fawkesSecurity who placed the bomb threat involving 400lbs of explosives and a Federal building and myself are one and the same, and furthermore try to then take credit for my Twitter account being unavailable, since then she has become so pleased with herself she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bipolar tendencies that one. This user is either not taking the prescribed medication, or taking too much.


Well guess what? I deactivated my own account, and it was nothing to do with the elections, and it sure as hell was not a result of any actions taken by those who wish me silenced or worse.


You see, I have been watching those who have been claiming victory and dancing on my grave, some of those celebrating were, up until I deactivated, accounts that had tried to ‘befriend’ me. I am always suspicious of ‘friendly eggs’ lol, and this little exercise has given me a rare opportunity to flush out a lot of accounts that were there with one goal in mind, to socially engineer me.


Anonymous, you are not very good at this game are you? Maybe you should stick to fapping each other off on chat roulette? Yesterday I handed you your asses using technical means, and today I hand them to you again using psychological tactics. You are a total joke. Quit poking the bull, because the horns hurt.


So to straighten it out, and bend Anonymous out of shape at the same time. I am not gone, never was, I have observed the crazy, and noted those ‘dancing on my grave’. I was always steering this ship, this was an exercise in subterfuge, and it’s not the first time I have done it, and it’s highly effective at flushing out who’s who in this fickle theater we call cyberspace. You would think that Anons wouldn’t fall for the same old trick twice?


I suppose yesterdays little pwn-fest taught us all that you just cant fix stupid huh?


Sidenote: my twitter account is live again in 3…..2…….1


To re-iterate, I currently only speak in 3 places, here on my blog, my twitter, and my IRC channel – I only have one twitter account, but many impersonators. If you are talking to *me* anywhere else, be advised, it is not me you are talking to.

Stay Frosty.