Anonymous/Qassam Pay-Per-Minute DDoS

‘Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.’ – Bertrand Russell


So here’s the thing. Some of you may have seen that I have been sitting a-top of Anonymous Official IRC channel today. Actually I been hanging there for a while like about 2 years give or take (because mostly they are bored shit-talkers). Well during that time I found out a few things. Things that will be dismissed with the usual ‘Anyone can be anon’ crap, as an excuse to hide, because that mask they wear, they wear to do just that…. hide… they hide behind each other. No honor. No never leave a fallen man behind mantra. As soon as it suits them they will claim that mask, ‘it wasn’t me – he did it, it’s not my mask, it’s anyones’


Well let me break it down just one more time…..


I know I mentioned this before because I was there when I mentioned it. Onward….
As we have all seen in the news recently, many US financial institutions have been targeted by a group purported to be working for IRAN and claiming to be Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters etc etc. PS you should click that if you are ill-informed.


So lets talk about a little thing out there that has been put together not as a free download as per LOIC, but a commercial enterprise called MultiBoot.Me – by the way since what transpired as described below, that site no longer accepts new registrations. #winningalready


Yay. #winningAlready. So what is Well it’s a Pay-Per-Minute DDoS system that has been used by Anons (and others) to down US and other sites since LOIC got rumbled and DHN got pwned.


More details:


I came across which was demonstrated in #DDOS, around September 21st, 2012, as being mainly an attack tool used for arbitrary attacks by no other than [at least one of] the site’s admin[s].
It was the site’s admin giving the demonstration, due to the fact that when I prompted him on how much the website cost to use, he explained it had different rates and was pay per minute (PPM). Upon viewing the website I saw it had a monthly option available. At the time the option was selectable. The user in question then proceeded to say this was a mistake and the site is only accepting PPM, not monthly rates. Upon returning to the site 20 hours later, the monthly option is no longer selectable. However, it is still viewable.


[Information retrieved from the user in question]
Cost: $15/5hours, $300/1337hours
Duration attack available: 10000hours
Speed of server: ~10GB/s
So I had to check this out and see if the user in question frequented the AnonOps IRC channel. (Surprise!)
Here’s a transcript – ps I am Al-Majouhri << a clearly ‘eastern name’. Click image for larger.




Now I am sure Anons will claim – ‘Anyone can be Anon etc etc blah blah’

But that right there is pretty much saying they had a hand in the recent hits against US bank,

and that they are willing to do it again. Sucks huh?

#ANONYMOUS are open to the highest bidder and this is what they are selling.

Since this altercation they no longer accept new registrations.
However here’s what you missed from the inside:





But wait what could it be?



That’s Anon providing services for AQ right there. Google it. It will eventually bring you here, once you sift through all the media klingons.

You heard it here first. Actually you heard it here first over a year ago and then again last week here.