The (short) Life and (futile) Times of ‘TeaMp0ison’

‘It’s very dangerous to wave to people you don’t know because what if they don’t have hands? They’ll think you’re being cocky.’  – Mitch Hedberg


So after all the bluster and bullshit the from ‘mighty’ TeaMp0ison, what exactly did they do for any side, white, gray or black?  They had no message, no cause, couldn’t decide who or what they were fighting with or against.
Their biggest claim to fame was that they basically auto-prank called UK’s MI6 anti-terrorism hotline, aside from that nothing notable, just  pulled a couple of easy site defacement and otherwise displayed what total children they are.
With all of their combined ‘leetness’  they managed to jam up the anti-terror hotline in UK – not exactly a clever trick, but nonetheless prevented genuine calls to report terror or suspected terror activity from getting through to the right people. In my mind I likened it to when the Lulzsec crew shifted their target selection to government and military targets starting with a hit on the CIA site. That single hit right there caused them to pop up big on my radar. And we all know how that ended after a long drawn out battle.


TeamP0ison’s biggest mistake was to attack the UK anti-terror hotline thus cause themselves to slide up against me. I don’t particularly wish to sound arrogant, but know it may come across that way. I have bigger and scarier folks ‘coming at me’ all the time, constantly in fact, but…. TeamP0ison? Really? Anyway. My public (note I said ‘public’) response to their jibes and insults started a while back with this tweet from myself on 12 April 2012 (and continued a little thereafter):



@metpoliceuk Regarding recent voice call intercept. This >> << Follow
so I can DM you password. Peace. #scotlandyard


Original tweet here:!/th3j35t3r/status/190451774564470784 <<< (notice the timestamp of the tweet taking into consideration timezone differences between your own location and the UK) Approximately six hours later ‘Tr1CK’ was arrested in the UK by the Metropolitan Police e-Crime Unit. As reported by the BBC here (notice the timestamp of the story):


Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows? 😉


I then publically went after @_MLT you will be able to see this from my twitter timeline from 12 April 2012 onwards.
Since then there’s been a less public stance from me with regards to TeamP0ison, but  I quietly ‘went about my business‘ and with utmost respect to readers, this ‘business’ is none of your business at this time, but standby for UAB’s.
The result of this business for TeamP0ison? – Tada…..



  • TriCk @_TeaMp0isoN(Arrested)
  • F0rsaken@_f0rsaken(Deleted Account)
  • aXioM TP @aXioM_TP (Deleted Account)
  • MLT@_MLT_(MIA – Last Tweet Apr 29) <<<
  • ^^^ UPDATE: MLT has just surfaced as expected, that eliminates the last ‘suspect’ See below.
  • iN^SaNe @_TeaMp0isoN_(‘Leaving Public Scene’ << lol)
  • Phantom~@phantom4life(‘Leaving Public Scene’ << lol)

Now I am not saying I am or am not responsible, did or didn’t have a hand in any of these developments. I am justsayin.
Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows? 😉

Never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake. Even if the enemy are silly kids without a single clue as to how to conduct themselves or ‘business’ in their chosen arena.


UPDATE: @_MLT_ has just resurfaced – just 4 hours after this post was published. What MLT didn’t realize is this very blog post, even though it sounded like everything was all over and done with, is actually part of the ongoing op. I really did hope the person behind the @_MLT_ account  wouldn’t be able to resist answering back,  hence listed as MIA above. The timing of your retort after 3 days of silence along with the fact that I know where the one other suspect who could have been you is located right now eliminates the other individual. Here’s the retort:!/_MLT_/status/197686654960537600


UPDATE 05/10/2012: @_MLT_ was arrested last night in the UK, expect some more arrests soon. More information on that here:


PS Special thanks to @Ihazcandy and @TechHomeBacon for *some* of the juice.