Occupy Wall Street?? 99%?? Ummm.

If you conduct whatever campaign you’re on with deceit and lies, your cause is lost. – a friend


So recently there has been an image flying round various social networking sites. The image is an aerial photo of a supposedly huge turnout for the Occupy Wall Street protest against corruption and greed. What appears to be thousands of protesters clog the streets of New York near the City Hall, with a caption overlaid saying the following:
Occupy Wall Street Turnout: My TV says nothing. The only thing I hear is it’s a small 100 person turn out. Turn off your TV. Ask your friends. Don’t trust the media they lie!



Here it is, and here’s a link to a google image search of it too.

Just look at all those people.



As you can see what the producer of this image is implying is that the mainstream media is in the business of downplaying the whole occupy movement in a bid to make it disappear. Kind of like if we say it’s not a big deal it won’t be a big deal mentality.


I am calling bullshit right here…..


To my eyes the mass of protesters looked out of place, the crowd looked too uniform and dense to be real. I took the image into Photoshop to see if I could pick up any pattern to the image. My original thought was that they had used the clone tool to make a smaller group of people look much larger. Not being able to find anything obvious, I started to wonder where the background plate may have come from. Immediately Google Maps came to mind. I looked up the location featured in the image, and then I saw it:


Does it look familiar? Well….does it?



How about now?

According to Google Earth, this particular aerial photograph of City Hall was taken on the 3rd of June, 2011, one month before the Occupy Wall Street initiative even began.


In fact….


The crowd in the original Google maps image along the south-east side of  Broadway is real, and captures a protest of New York City fire fighters against the cutting of twenty fire companies by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in June, 2011.
Even though this image is clearly a fake. It’s being distributed by supporters of the protests, including on the official OWS website . It’s more than a little disappointing to see people distributing such an image without questioning its authenticity. Lying to support your cause, does more to help those whom you oppose.


That’s the measure of this whole ‘Occupy Movement’.


….And here’s an example of a typical dude at OWS being interviewed live, I particularly like right at the end where he says….’GOD BLESS’ << IRONIC MUCH?



‘Ralph’s not very clever is he? – Yep, he really said that … you did not mishear.’

Ralph, the reason you don’t got a job is on you. You are unemployable.



… and it isn’t just this guy either. There are dozens of videos and accounts of people at OWS who say things like this all the time, not to mention all the rapes, drug use and vandalism. Also it’s interesting that he made not one single valid point about a single issue. Just said he doesn’t care if terrorists continue to slaughter Americans.

Typical idiotic punk who has no idea what he is mad about but just wants to be mad.

But he’s the 99% apparently?  He’s representing me and you…..they are the majority right? Well thanks Ralph for ‘representing’ me.

Now, how about you fuck right off? Dick. You have nothing to say and ya saying it too loud.

In closing….
‘Occupiers’ – you are not the 99%. Nobody voted you to represent the rest of us. You are starting to get old. Pack up your tents and quit pissing all the people out here in the real world who haven’t the time to cause civil unrest and talk shit because they are too busy going to their underpaid jobs and pedal your unemployable asses back to wherever it is you call home. IRL trolls (for the most part).
I understand Occupy Wall Street participants are angry, and there’s some with valid messages and all that, but as soon as #anonymous got on board with you, like always when anons weigh in….everything turns to shit. Your message devalued….whether it was valid in the first place or not.



If you conduct whatever campaign you’re on with deceit and lies, your cause is lost.




In response to my post above, < click there or scroll up & read before passing judgment:

Remember ‘occupiers’, the only reason you live in a country where you can protest and have your free speech is down to people like this guy (below), who fight for your rights and your liberties.

one of the ‘1%’ has contacted me and sent this photo.

Do you think he looks proud of you?






#Occupiers – You are not representing the majority.

Don’t get me started, I’m just warming up.