#OpCartel …and its Transparency

Drugs, alcohol and ego. They are a bad mix.  – Don Dokken


Really sorry folks, but it’s DICK OF THE WEEK TIME (again). Barrett Brown …. come on down.I have been watching with mild amusement the antics and desperation of Mr Barrett Brown over the last weeks. As we know, @barrettbrownlol the largely unwelcome strung-out, heroin lined voice of those #anonymous kids has jumped into bed with Amazon, and is working on how to string a coherent sentence together, with a view to writing a book about Anonymous. Here’s a link


The fact that he has done a deal with Amazon no less, who have themselves been targeted by Anonymous less than a year ago during ‘operation Payback’ has drawn some very angry responses from their ‘ranks’. So he’s making lots of enemies out of old friends. Now, in an effort to garner grittier publicity for above mentioned book, Barrett Brown fabricated a story about a conveniently ‘unknown and as yet unidentified’ member of Anonymous who was supposedly ‘kidnapped’ by the (rightly so) much feared Los Zetas drug cartel in Mexico. Nobody knows who this supposed victim is and no official reports have been filed.


Come on Barrett are you fucking high or something?….yeah I know that was a rhetorical question.
In response Anonymous launched #OpCartel which was basically going to name folks who ‘alledgedly’ have dealings with the Zetas’ – After realizing this was a really bad idea due to the fact that the Zetas’ have no problems inflicting a thousand deaths upon anyone, most of Anonymous decided against it but Barrett has taken it upon himself to carry on with it.
I personally don’t care what Barrett Brown does, or whether he lives or dies. But in another crazy attempt at keeping momentum and media interest, Barrett has decided to try and draw me into his little shitstorm.
….and this will never do.


A recent tweet from @barrettbrownlol – RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Several ex-military men w/ th3j35t3r been involved in leaking info on my family for #Zetas. Don’t known what else to say. #OpCartel


In response:


Firstly I work alone, it’s well documented, I choose to do this for the safety of myself and others. So there really is no such thing as ‘with Jester’. Secondly Brown was not ‘doxed’ his information is already freely available all over the web due to his incessantly ridiculous ego and delusional whacked-out need to make people notice him, even though he doesn’t actually DO anything. Just talks a lot.


@barrettbrownlol – I have no interest in you or your agendas or indeed your little #OpCartel. Do not attempt to draw me into your world making totally false baseless claims about me throwing you to the Zeta’s – to gain yet more publicity for a book I doubt will ever see the light of day. It’s far more likely that the members of your precious Anonymous that you have pissed off and totally mis-represented have turned on you and dropped your dox.


Or could it be you actually doxed yourself? You are not exactly professional in your approach to OPSEC, showing your face on webcams, and photo’s, using TinyChat which is really well known for it’s security right?  And finally, please for once show some credible evidence to back up your claims about me, in fact, show us some evidence for the whole bullshit kidnapping story you made up, which kick started this mess you now find yourself in.


I can tell you for sure, that I saw many RT’s of your dox, none by me, but you chose to single out @rjacksix because you think he is ‘with me’ – offering a bounty for his infos. I do believe not many months ago you put a ‘bounty’ on me too.
There’s plenty of people out there think you are a giant cock, (as I am sure there’s those that think same about me) anyone one of them could have posted the original Dox tweet.- now combine that with your drugs induced paranoia, it’s anyone’s guess.


Go away Brown, nobody gives a fuck about you. Quit trying to drag me into your pathetic self promotion machine. I am not even slightly interested in you or #OpCartel or #anonymous and all the associated Jibber Jabber.
Which is really lucky for you Brown. Now, Leave me out of your immature back n forths.


Message to all. The truth of the matter is this, with Brown, it’s not about fighting Mexican injustice, it’s not about a ‘kidnapped’ Anon, it’s not even about him having a problem with the prices he has to pay to get high, it’s not about anything except him generating interest in his upcoming book.
#opCartel is actually #OpMarketBrownsBook




UPDATE 11/9/11

Oh dear. It would seem my blog post above may have touched a nerve, or at least annoyed @BarretBrownLOL. In his usual style he put up one of his famous ‘bounties’ on my head.. After reading this in my timeline you can imagine I was struck down with fear, so much so that I very nearly called my Mom.

After pulling myself together I decided to think about it logically. I realized that because my identity is not known by anyone, Mr Brown has simply opened himself up to a whole bunch of people giving him shit information in a bid to try and make a swift $1000 bucks (if he even has $1000, which I seriously doubt, because as a drug addict he would snort away $1000 in a heartbeat.

So I can only draw 2 conclusions, he is full of shit and hasn’t got $100 much less $1000, as within 7 hours he is begging for cash for a plane ticket to fucking Boston or NYC……Or he (somehow) did have $1000 un-snorted bucks lying around, and wasted it on some loser claiming they had my ID, therefore giving up his chance to buy his own fucking ticket. Oh and what happened to your six figure book deal advance? – You shouldn’t be beggin kid. You are so full of shit.



Either way. Fail.



Let me break it down for you Brown, I have been operating for 2 YEARS ….alone. In that time I have had ‘over 9000’ anons trying to find me, along with multiple Law Enforcement Agencies, not to mention an Army of Muslim Extremists who would love nothing more than to saw my face off on cam, with a rusty nail. So if you think a half-assed, strung out, paranoid streak of piss like you gives me any cause for concern you are very mistaken and think way too much of yourself. So Mr Brown, you have brought anything that happens upon yourself….and always remember

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Here endeth the lesson. Boy.

Video below courtesy @SuperAnomonus (ty)