If ya can’t beat em, make some shit up??? LMAO!

‘Never spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.Brian Koslow


Anonymous is effectively dead. @anonymousabu has bailed out and will be vanned. But not before he killed your original Anonymous concept with his own nasty little agendas. But you anons embraced this in your thirst to be heard and feared. (lol)


Sidenote for the observant: He hasn’t been vanned yet, or at least the person now operating that account, because total number of tweets dropped by 2 in last 24 hours. So somebody has deleted a couple of tweets there.
Now, I don’t believe for one second all of Anonymous are cock streaming schween biscuits, and many anons have become hugely disheartened with the joke that their movement has become here’s just one example: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/wire-news/anonymous-member-quits-over-way-thingsrun_578363.html and here’s another: http://pastebin.com/sfvX7gce


The problem now with Anonymous is the ones with the loudest voices, are not representing ‘the cause’ very well at all and they are not all kids – see below.


Definition ‘NYPA’:


Not Your Personal Army. This originated on the 4chan’s /b/ as a response to any person that would try to exploit the /b/tards in order to achieve some sort of personal revenge (i.e. raid requests). Can be bent to fit a broad range of situations where an individual seeks help, but does so in an inapropriate place, tries to hide his real intent behind a stupid facade, or is simply too annoying and persistent to deserve better.


Well guess what?


Anonymous’ self-inflicted mantra of NYPA (Not Your Personal Army) has completely failed at this point, because despite all your protestations about being ‘leaderless’ @anonymousabu and others have used you for their own gains, led you to a place where Anonymous won’t be taken seriously, not now…not ever – and bailed out. He has released confidential information on thousands of innocent people under your banner, but when it comes to his own privacy, he takes it very seriously. He knows he’s fucked now, his nerves have been touched. ‘So just like that….he was gone’ Really? It’s game over for him and he knows it.


And here’s just one reason why:


While many anons were trolling and hating outsiders and insiders were getting busy. I tried to warn you many times.
You allowed all of this to happen…..when you let @anonymousabu do the talking for your desperate little collective…..
^^^^ and that’s some #lulz right there. To what’s left of Anonymous, I wish you well, and hope you can keep it real. You’re not ‘legion’, I do expect you…..to troll on. Which brings me nicely to my next point…….






So I have been continuously trolled by many of the less skilled members/supporters of Anonymous but every so often one stands out and this week folks it’s @johntiessen – this guy is fucking genius, but he should be by now because he’s been on the planet for 50 YEARS already.



This prime example of why anonymous has become a total farce has been trying to grab my attention for a while now. His latest barrage of shit can be summed up with the following screen grabs which he posted, after getting no response from me to his attacks ‘on my mom’



(remember this dude is 50 years old!)




Then, after getting no response from me to his attacks ‘on my mom’ (remember this dude is 50 years old!)


You see what he did there? Fucking genius huh?


He has also tried tell media outlets the same bullshit. I know the rule – ‘don’t feed the trolls’ but in this case I will make special dispensation.

So @johntiessen and his claims by their nature seem to infer that he knows a lot about me. For him to make such disgusting claims would require him to have access to at least the following:



  • My Full Name
  • My Marital Status
  • My Military Records



So i’d love to know where he is getting this shit from?



Explanation John?



So just in case anyone is stupid enough to listen to these bullshit claims please bear in mind they are unfounded, unsubstantiated and another pathetic attempt by anons/supporters to discredit me. But in doing so they have only suceeded in confirming the joke that they have become.



Here’s a picture of @johntiessen from his >>> MySpace profile <<<<



CLICK PIC FOR MYSPACE PROFILE and just incase he decides to delete it here’s a freezepage of it:




One question that immediately springs to mind is what the hell is this 50 YEAR old asshat doing prowling round on a social network that is predominantly occupied by children? And before anyone says he’s not ‘Anonymous’  – he is a well known supporter here’s and here is his google + profile, lovely pics in there:




I urge Anonymous to quit trying to attack me, and look at working out a way you can jettison the hundreds of insignificant little pricks like @johntiessen that operate under your collective banner, use your name, without having any deep knowledge of what you originally were. Until then you will never be taken seriously. Your business model is flawed and the cracks are showing.


Make no mistake Anonymous, you are under threat, not from me as I am very busy, but from those idiots you allow to speak for you. Although I think it could be too late, you have nowhere to go really. Anonymous broke their own NYPA rule with @anonymousabu, and allowed themselves to be steered, now he is done steering, all you are left with is exactly how you started-  mostly trolls and insignificants. Any good you try and do now will be forever tarnished. In short you shot both your own feet.


And what of me now?


People keep asking this question. Well believe it or not I was quietly doing my own shit way before this started, so I think I will spend some time getting back on target.


Never spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours Brian Koslow



UPDATE 08/22/2011

If you recall above I put it to him that, For him to make such disgusting bullshit claims would require him to have access to at least the following:



My Full Name, My Marital Status and My Military Records

Then later


Well Big John Tiessen has provided a video ‘explanation’ of his nasty little claims (kinda)

Here’s his response and skip to 13:10 (minutes)  where he attempts to justify his unfounded claims.

.skip to 13:10 (minutes) to avoid the urge to deafen yourself with a pencil

skip to 13:10 (minutes) to avoid the urge to deafen yourself with a pencil

My thoughts, John you have unsuccessfully deflected with a 13 minute tirade totally unrelated to the ‘evidence’ you said you were going to provide, then when you finally got on point- there was NO POINT.

I asked you a straight question – where are you getting this shit from. You can’t answer.

You are not Anonymous bro – you are pointless, and bored.

Oh and John you can’t even pronounce the word ‘ANONYMOUS

But you are a great example of what most of ANONYMOUS are….unhinged trolls.


@JohnTiessen made totally unfounded accusations against me to increase views for a political rant he clearly doesn’t understand for a group he can’t pronounce, all while trying not to wake mom.

UPDATE 08/23/2011


CLICK FOR LARGE – it’s worth it!

found here: http://pa.courts.state.mn.us/default.aspx on search by defendant name.

here is what minneapolis classes as a 3rd degree sexual conduct:



@johntiessen has decided it’s probably best not to try and pronounce ‘ANONYMOUS’ personally and just released this amazing comeback (directly below) – and it only took him like 2 weeks – gotta love him. You should also check yourself out right here, because you are either talking to yourself as nobody’s listening or causing yourself much riducule. Either way. Fuck off. Or not, I don’t care much. Like I said, your bullshit lightens an otherwise dull and boring day.

Pro-tip John, if you are already in a hole, quit digging. But….you are hugely enjoyable.

Also please check his description on YouTube and I quote:

“Jester is a strait out child molester and I have 7 e-mails with his name DOB and his home address and other info on this scum bag too..

Talk is cheap huh? Let’s see these emails Johnny.

Here goes lol:


#ANONYMOUS – this guy is speaking for YOU  lol – you ‘are legion’ embrace him.