If ya gonna troll – do it right.

‘One little moment can change a million after it.’ – C. Gardiner


As you all know I ignore a huge amount of trolls and cyber-stalkers, not to mention individuals trying to pass themselves off as me online. Usually this is fairly amusing and brightens my day after all imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Anyhow, I generally totally ignore the crazies, many of them just require a mention from me on twitter and it sends them totally insane when they receive no acknowledgement whatsoever.


However…..  every now and then….. I decide I need to sharpen my teeth….. and in this case it will be my ‘Social Engineering Canines’


There has been an individual who, for whatever insane reason, has become increasingly obsessed with me. This individual can’t quite decide whether to attempt to ‘expose’ me, vilify me, or strangely pretend to be me. It’s the latter that I find most amusing, yet quite strange too. This individual has created a twitter profile almost exactly the same as my own, and if I change my profile pic, it takes him about 6 hours to catch on and then copies it to his fake profile. Over a period of 39 days so far, this guy has become increasingly manic, however some unsuspecting folks  have actually (somehow) mistaken him for me, and he likes to play along, stringing them along for as long as he can. He has also  claimed to have done some press interviews ‘as me’ – altho I am yet to hear about any. I suspect he was talking his usual utter shit.


The person I refer to goes by the name @real_j35t3r (amongst others). I am not sure how much longer this particular account will remain active for after this article, so apologies if it’s a dead link. This post is going to be long so get a beer now!


Here is just a 3 day history of his puke (yep that’s just 3 days – and he has being doing this with the same frequency for 39 days!) It’s been difficult to ignore – but I have managed to until now. I have taken the liberty of highlighting in red some of my personal favorites – click image for enlarged version.





Stalking the Stalker


I decided to create a twitter and facebook and even linkedin account with complete history and education etc in order to see how far my stalker was willing to go – with pretending that he is me. And so ANEKA MELIA was born. Remember ANEKA is actually me in disguise – got it? Isn’t she lovely? She is going to play to the target’s weaknesses that I have observed over the last 4 weeks or so.





So ‘Aneka’ set about making contact with our wacko friend @real_j35t3r with a view to convincing him that she thought he was in fact me, and she wanted a story for her ‘client’ a leading news agency, who incidentally were willing to pay for his time. Initial contact was made and the faker swiftly moved things away from twitter preferring instead email communications only to his Hushmail account.



Here’s a grab.



Please remember at this point that ‘Aneka’ is me and@real_j35t3r is a fake me, pretending to be real me to ‘Aneka’ who is pretending to buy his shit but is in fact me. Comprende? I know its pretty damn complicated but it gets better! Also bear in mind that @real_j35t3r has countless opportunities to say to ‘Aneka’ that she has the wrong guy. However his greed and ego prevents this as you will see.



At this point I created a disposable virtual Windows XP machine (boo) in order to access Annie’s Gmail etc, just in case had under-estimated this faggot and he did have the ability to PWN me, I could just waste the VM. No harm Done.



And so over the course of a few days…. Aneka and @real_j35t3r made arrangements for @real_j35t3r to provide Aneka with an interview via his favorite Web-Based IM and his fee was agreed upon ($23,350 -umm lol)….. he and Aneka flirted a little (ps if you are his girl you should keep him on a leash or leave him now girl).






Here’s the upshot of arrangements via Aneka’s Gmail account:

BELOW WAS FROM @real_j35t3r TO ‘ANEKA’











Now I have some compassion – so have only exposed the necessary, and if you are skip reading this you need to be aware: ‘Aneka’ is me and @real_j35t3r is fake me, pretending to be real me to ‘Aneka’ who is pretending to buy his shit but is in fact me. Comprende?



So a time and was arranged for us to meet on his http://www.voiceandvideochat.com (incidently he doesn’t own it as he stated in his email). And ‘ANEKA’ duly entered on time to get her ‘interview’.



And here is a transcript of the fake jester doing an interview FOR MONEY – pretending to be me – it’s worth a read, especially the part where he claims he (therefore me) is a disabled veteran. It’s also interesting that the dude can’t spell ‘MILITARY’ in fact he has a big problem with vowels – period – considering he is a disabled vet and has a ‘degree from Berkeley’, oh and in IRL and he’s only 22! 😉



The transcript is below: please remember: ‘AnnieM’ is me and @real_j35t3r is a fake me, pretending to be real me to ‘Aneka’ who is pretending to buy his shit but is in fact me. Comprende?

TRANSCRIPT VERBATIM RIGHT HERE – PASSWORD is ‘pwned’ – Sorry, I had to password it so he didn’t see before I was ready!

Here comes the really good stuff.

His ego fed, and his greed calling, our faker

actually totally INVOICED our trusty ‘Aneka’ via PAYPAL – his own paypal account! Not once, not twice but 3 times!

Awesome skillz Sonny.





This is just the first, there were 2 more, another for $10,000 and another for $3500 – that’s $23,500 our faker was hoping to make from pretending to be me – wow, and here is me making absolutely nothing day in day out.



Out of respect, for @real_j35t3r‘s clear mental disposition I have not included this loser’s full name or email address – he has clear and present issues. And I wish him all the best in getting that sorted out.



However, Casey, you just got PWNED and in the worst possible way, I didn’t even have to get all geek on you, you fell for a LOW-FI social engineering hit, and you claim to be all that too. You are a failure.



And just so you know I got you:



Here are 4 things I know about you (just 4 outta 5000).

1). You are moving to Florida in August, lets hope your new employer doesn’t realise what a cock you are?

2). You are 22 years old, way out of your depth, a self-proclaimed member of Anonymous (although that’s not why this has happened) and you graduated from Berkeley – Cognitive/Computer Science with a minor in Political Science.

3). You get your hair fixed at STUD CUTS, and ‘K’ is your favorite girl there.




So here’s the conclusion:



I know your twitter names, I know the names you use on IRC, I know your real Identity and I know your MO – and if you ever darken my door again, I wont be so accommodating towards you. Go away. Everyone thinks you are a prick, except for the unfortunate people that think you are me. But now that’s over too.

Ps: Format your PC. Start Again. Or don’t, all the better for me.

And if you are still unsure?

‘ANEKA’ has one last thing to say. Right here.

Peace out.


PS: Just exercising my right to ‘Freedom of speech’  blah blah blah


UPDATE 04/10/2011:

As you can see this dude was pretty much pwned , and I stress, in the worst possible way, a way that played to ego, and his willingness to make $23K under false pretences. Since this post was originally posted, there have been a couple of developments, and for your perusal, I will keep you in the loop on those developments starting here:


1). The @real_jester twitter account has never tried to delve into personal relationships with others, as it was setup purely to troll the shit out of me. However, only hours after this blog post was published, the account suddenly decided to engage two random NYC residents – in an attempt to convince the folks of twitter that he lives in NYC – however he lives in Carlsbad, CA.
I was gonna do another screen grab – but he obviously deleted those tweets, as I dont see them now, my bad. However the upshot is he attempted to speak to to NYC randoms asking if they were gonna ‘crash his crib’ lol – hoping but failing – to divert attention.


2). And this is the important one. (and I have a grab this time.)
@real_jester decided to have a conversation with himself, in order to make it appear as if I had the wrong person fingered.


How so?


Its fairly pathetic, and totally transparent. But please note in my above post – I never posted his full name or email, and blurred his photo, out of respect for his apparent mental health issues.
here is the grab:



So how did he PWN himself?



In a rage-fit – this troll, knowing he was rumbled, decided to try and call bluff, except it wasn’t a bluff, he was owned already, only he knew it tho, but he believed everyone knew it. And so posted his entire details in an attempt to bluff.

What’s the chances of a complete n00b like this getting the ID right unless it was actually him? Also please note the facebook page attached to @gardinerca twitter profile.






Regular readers of my blog will be aware, I always start a blog post with a quote,  right at the top (scroll up) – I opened this post with Casey’s favorite quote,  from one of his many profiles online, only he would have recognized this, and made the link, he then freaked. I was trying to be gracious, let him know I have him, without releasing his dox. But in the end he released his own.

I never mentioned any phone numbers, and email addresses, any full names, and of Casey’s twitter accounts. But he did. Way to go noob troll. You pwned yourself.

And in closing. To ‘Anonymous’,  this guy is representing you, it’s not the standard of people you need.

Also just FYI – He is AKA – NAKOMIS and NOAH etc etc on your ANONOPS IRC. He’s been great fun tho. He seems to require attention, but can’t distinguish between good attention and being ridiculed.