@stueytheround @naikarrah my wife and i both love the gingers.

if we ever pay a fun sex worker to cum along, he will be a ginger.

@ecksmc Hehehe

The tunes in that song are Scottish! Red Haired Boy is the main one and the instrumental break is Red Haired Girl, which is also a popular bluegrass tune in the States.


@stueytheround @ecksmc
i'm a HUGE fan of reels, ballads, chantys, & jigs, and i'm determned to learn to play a BodhrΓ‘n once i'm settled in Australia with my beloved hubs!
an awful lot of the 'traditional' bluegrass tunes can be directly traced back to Celtic/UK origins. it's the main reason it's a genre i truly enjoy, even though i cannot abide 96.5% of 'Country Music' at all.

Bluegrass and OldTimey aren't country. They're folk.
Bodhran is really easy to.pick up the basics. Believe it or not, if you can strum a guitar, you already have 75% of the technique.


@stueytheround @naikarrah Thank you for the reminder! I just gave my wife a couple of β€œextra” kisses because I can! 😘

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