me, foolishly thinking Twitter is less batshit: "What is Section 230 that Trump is demanding be terminated ... oh FFS"
Also me: "why is Martial Law trending?"
<Several seconds later>
"This was a mistake. People were a mistake."
<closes twitter tab>

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Looking at the crowd and no masks at the ... Whatever the trumpists are doing, i'm looking forward to 3-4 weeks from now when huge numbers of them getting sick with COVID and they claim its a liberal conspiracy to destroy them.

We know it's going to happen. They pathologically unable to understand consequences of their actions.

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CoSo I appreciate you. I had to cut myself off of Twitter because it was either people shrieking about a military coup, a group saying everyone was overreacting and a group just shrieking between the two.

That was AFTER I unfollowed a bunch of liberal talking heads.

I like I can come here and see ... Things not that

If Trump were successful in overturning the legitimate election results, what would be the outcome there?

Would would people actually do?

In non-musing posts, I recently discovered, through lived experience, what pulling a "piriformis muscle" feels like and I've gotta say ...

Not a fan. Not a fan at all.

One thing the GOP has over the Dems is a single unified messaging. The dems, by nature, have many, many more msgs across many different people and everyone is certain that their approach is "Right."

I want there to be ultraprogressive policies. I want Universal Income, I want Medicare for All - I want the whole agenda of the left, but I just don't think skewing so far left will get us anywhere other than pushback.

I wonder what kind of progressive I want to be in this new era. My natural tendency is towards moderate because I understand that everyone moves at different paces, but I'm wondering if that's the best approach.

The left is already sniping and demonizing different factions within the party for being too much or not enough of about a million different criteria that fuck-all if I can keep track of. I mean, people are still saying Bernie would have won in a landslide ...

Ya'll should open Enjoy it.

Is it too early to start saying "Disgraced former president..."

So looks like Trump has been silent since it was called ... I love it.

I'm exhausted. We got an amber alert last night in the middle of the night and my husband and I both bolted straight up in bed sure that Trump was making military move.

In the grand scheme of "3 days of increasingly tense waiting before my inner dialog just starts making gibbering noises instead of coherent thought" isn't a bad run.

Hearing reports from GA that they are on close to calling .... for Biden. Apparently the numbers reported to the media are not reflective of what's actually.

Heard from a coworker who's intimately involved in the election.

538 said they are on the verge of calling NV for Biden; AZ is still a 🤷 and PA speculation still for Biden

I'm confused, as the data hasn't really changed since yesterday, why everyone went from "This is mostly a done deal now..." to having meltdowns about we are going to lose again.

The whiplash of reactions is confusing.

Fam - it's time for the blackout to commence. I thought about all the ways I could dip out with a fun inspiration message but I wasn't really coming up with much.

I will reiterate a simple precept. No matter the outcome tomorrow, or Thursday or whenever - we have not failed. At the end of the day, the sun will set, and the sun will rise the next morning. The world may or may not be what we think it should be, but in the end it keeps on turning.

Be Proud. Be Strong. Be Diligent.

I'm already forcing myself to focus on my breath and I feel the all-too-familiar clench of anxiety. This week will test the extent of my coping mechanisms (and my meds).

Chances are good that I'll start my media / social blackout tonight and not check back until Wednesday .. or later.

I am hopeful for a good outcome, but not particularly optimistic.

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