Space Force Command has been named to reside at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Still can't get over the ropes and wall climbing when there are literally stairs nearby.

Publisher's Clearing House just called me from Jamiaca using a robot voice. 2021 is crazy y'all.

Yesterday,I read Qanon was convinced Obama was being arrested today due to conspiring with Italy to fix the election. Watching them question what is going on now has been...interesting.

Haven't been to my office since 15 still has St. Paddy's Day decor. Might make the full circle and then some.

Happy New Year! What's the most terrible movie you love?

Happy whatever you celebrate! Christmas for me in Bama. Where are ya from?

Remember when Ivanka got the trademarks on Chinese voting machines?

I would like to see a tik tok of Biden skate boarding while drinking Ocean Spray singing
"Now here you go again saying you want your freedom..."

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