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@sandrila Funny you ask and funny @SteppinRazor posted this right now.

I have an idea for an ad. Does anyone know who to contact with it? Do @MeidasTouch take suggestions? Anyone have contacts with Rick Wilson/Project Lincoln? 🤔

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The Hill reports that

Also breaking

I'm America's Next Top Model 😂

Bibi just finished presser.

5000 shekel fine if you're caught without a mask (~1400 USD).

Subject to arrest if you're more than 1 km from your house non-emergently. "Special police" empowered.

No synagogues allowed to open, even on Yom Kippur (sundown Sunday). "Pray at home." Heavy fines for any defiant bistros, shops. Emergency retail for food, meds only...

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OK, listen MSM, this is serious now. You cannot treat him like a normal candidate. You cannot use your "J school" playbook anymore. It is time to ring the alarm and hold trump, the GOP, and all the enablers accountable. There will be no phones allowed when they round everyone up.

[Righto, there'll be no wifi in the camps.]

Over 7000 new cases in Israel in the PAST 24 HOURS. Way, way out of control.

In 18 hours, the entire country will be shut down. Completely.

Not sure why they're waiting so long.

Israelis tweeting that the Ministry of Health says the 1376 deaths have surpassed the toll taken by 20 years of terrorism eg since the 2nd Intifada.

Maybe Bibi will come up with another "peace deal" to distract...

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Just gonna leave this smile for anyone who needs it. Make sure your volume is up.

Trump was seen with his eyes closed swaying from side to side as he paid tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as a slow stream of boos threaded through the audience growing louder and louder. The crowd then began to chant “vote him out” more and more fiercely.

Trump then hung his head and walked inside the building rather than listen to the jeers.

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Trump tells reporters he wants a replacement for RBG quickly as he believes 2020 election will end up going to SCOTUS: “Yes, I think it’s very important. I think this will end up in the Supreme Court and I think it’s very important that we have nine justices."

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She'll say, "See ya" as she gets on a plane bound for Gstaad and retirement...

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Picture Pelosi on the day Trump says he's ordering red state governors to overturn the popular vote and seat electors for him. The vote's over, so "just vote" can't be her excuse. What will she say then?

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I'm Lebanese, so I can attest to the fact that when armed non-state militias start patrolling the streets, it's time to become very worried.

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Thread on why the story about states playing fast and loose with their electors is gaining so much traction.

Spoiler: Trump is manipulating the narrative, and the media is helping him.

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The Trump campaign is discussing plans to bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battlegrounds where Republicans hold the legislative majority. Trump would ask state legislators to set aside the popular vote and choose electors directly.

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3 counts 1st degree wanton endangerment against Bent Hingusen. 15,000 cash bond.

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