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Boost the heck out of this because there's so many new folks who don't know.

Been at work since 7am. Because I'm at home, need to remember I can't just turn on the tv and zone out...rats....on the other hand, the work experience kid is kinda cute (when they stop attacking my stuff)

Welp - it's happened, 11.15 at night and just got message from senior manager not to go to the office tomorrow.

Have to stay and home and work on laptop that i got issued for just such a purpose last week.

It's actually happening. I am locked down.

Let's hope it works 😊

Just announced on TV effective immediately:

New rules - no one must leave the house unless:-

Shopping for basic necessities as few times as possible

All non food/medicine shops shut.

One form of exercise a day

Any medical need

Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary, ie you cant work from home.

Dispersal powers and fining powers by the police. Sad but true. Not surprised after the weekends disgraceful behaviour (sunny weekend - everyone fucks off to the beach)

Set up Skype yesterday, and so did my mum at her end.

Had 40 minute face to face session with mum and da from our respective couches. Its was really lovely.

They really are okay ❀

I knew he'd go stir crazy with self isolation, (he loathes his own company, especially If forced) but its been 3 days since he's been WFH.

3 days and he's out gamboling like a demented lamb in public.


Just had first coronavirus fight with a friend.

Despite being asked to keep away from others, he went to Blenheim Palace gardens today "because loads of people were doing it & it was a nice day out" and "I'm not sick". Fucking idiot.

Also, "the virus cant last all year because the economy cant take it". Well im sure the virus will bear that in mind mate.

We ended up hanging up on each other. He texted apologies about hour later when he could tell I was super mad.

Phone battery going. Love to all. Night x

I'm sat in a cafe now (that auto corrected to cage, in a few weeks, who knows?) writing a letter.

I think next week might the week it all hits the fan in the UK. I think restrictive measures will happen here next week.

There are cases in Oxford now- not surprising, very touristy & diverse.

Remember that these restrictions are meant to be temporary, keep them accountable & dont get used to them as normal wherever you live - espec if you have an fundamentally untrustworthy govt (UK/US for eg)😊

Good morning CoSo!

I have been out this morning being productive... I have brand new spectacles x 2 now, one normal one sunglasses so i am all geared up for a summer I may spend indoors πŸ˜‚

Due to the hysterics of some of my fellow countrymen, I've also spent an hour looking around the shops attempting to purchase toilet roll. Not to hoard it, just to buy some because i am about to run out in the normal way of things.

One hour later & i have come away with a packet of moist towelettes.πŸ˜‘

The forward planning is excellent. But be open and honest... the cloak and dagger is in my opinion more like to cause unease. It seems to be in my small team of worry warts anyway.

The fact that i dont have t'internet at home and will keep coming into the office made one colleague look at me speculatively like she was choosing her funeral outfit 😁

The company where I work, which is an open plan office with about 3000 workers in it, is 'forward planning' in abundance now while projecting a keep calm message.

Finding out who can work from home when the faeces hits the cooling device, what work can be acheived from home to continue to provide a service etc.

It continues to be arranged in stage whispers that fools no-one unless they need information from staff like "Do you have broadband at home? Askin'for a friend"


May as well face it - it looks like its going to happen to a large proportion of us, so personally i think just be prepared and look after ourselves as best we can - Dont panic πŸ˜‹πŸ’•

I was sat in a cafe this evening next to a couple who at one point were on the phone to someone (clearly their child), asking about when they will get the test results back from the doctor confirming what "it" is, and saying not to worry.

It crossed my mind - if the person they are talking to is waiting for a corona diagnosis, & if this couple have seen them very recently...here, I've spent an hour at the table next to them.

But if thats so, I'm baseline fit and well. All shall be well πŸ’•

Tapping out for the night. It's been a very interesting 24 hours and I'm shattered.

The blessings of the day be up on you xxx

Travelling home from work and all is well, the vast majority of the work day was okay too. Hope everyone's day is going fine, behind me as you mostly are 😁

Cup of tea and kitten time for me 😻

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