Happy Valentines day everyone!

If you are single, may the day treat you kindly xxxx

Top pic: 364 days of year
Bottom pic: Valentines day 😨

@daniel I hope the day is treating you like a fairytale princess 🀞😁

(Post happy ending, obvs)

Kirk Douglas died. I grew up with his movies, especially chewing the scenery and spitting it out in The Vikings.... and Spartcus was amazing.

Bit of a ballbuster by all accounts, but he stood up to McCarthyism and antisemitism in Hollywood, so hats off to you Kirk.


My brother just sent me this pic of my nephew Laurie (11)
I just love him so much it hurts!πŸ’•

Is there anything from Oxford that i could get and then do a auction for funds for you guys?

To raise money for ?

I'd be happy to do it, if anyone has any ideas....you'd need to pay p+p of course but other than that.....


Night night Coso fam, its late here.

Enjoy your days. Be excellent to each other


Does anyone else have the thing whereby if you hear soneone coughing a lot it tickles your cough reflex?

Im on a bus coming home from work, theres a guy on the top deck REALLY coughing every 20 seconds.

Frankly im ready to hack up a lung as a result.


Malka has conjunctivitisssssss again.

(Thats me having a hissy fit about it)

For someone who hates the vet, she sure is trying to move in there.

Im only mock grumbling really. Poor little scrap seems to be having a time of it recently.

Watching the BAFTAs i found out that Rutger Hauer died last summer. I had no idea. Majorly under rated actor.... apart from THE thing, see below. Im a bit sad i didnt know πŸ’•

Anyway, night all x

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.... Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.... I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the TannhΓ€user Gate.... All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain........ Time to die."

Having the laziest possible Sunday down our way, and later will be watching the film BAFTAs.

Me likey 😍


Palindrome day x

Not the first to say it Im sure, but i just realised it 😊

Im away to sleep, having taken my first dose of HRT.

Fought for a year for this.

7 to 10 days seems to be the consensus - thanks guys! Xxx

Does anyone know how long it is likely to take a birthday card from the UK to the USA.

Let's say i send it airmail.

Does my CoSo Fount of Wisdom know?


Off to bed with me. Night Coso! X

Pic: Bodlian Library : Divinity School building
I was there on Monday. Ceiling is embossed with florets of initials of all the people who donated to build it over about 150 years.

And all i can see is that i spelt hysterectomy wrong. UGH

After living in surgically induced (hystorectomy) sudden onset menopause hell for a year, trying to get someone to help me, aftercare wise; yesterday i actually had a conversation with a LIVE DR about HRT & the associated risks in my circumstances.

It has taken 15 months of wreckage, one nervous breakdown & some too close to the mark thoughts of suicide to get anyone to listen that my quality of life is sufficiently bad to warrant the risk (MY risk, not theirs) of HRT.

Small tired yay. Good.

:a_fucking_narwhal_tusk_tho: Hey CoSo:

If you boost this 25 times..
I will donate $25 to the CounterSocial Life Support πŸ†˜

It's that easy!


The eneny vanquished, Holmes celebrates by making bread on my lap (Mycroft?)



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