Wait, no, my bad. I hadn't seated the pi firmly enough in the lower layers.

Now I just need to wait for my micro-HDMI cable to come to actually use the thing...

@sfleetucker Hah--love it!

We have a sci-fi (almost entirely futurama-based) theme on the hostnames in our household, but I actually just saw L&S a couple months ago & definitely enjoyed it.

@rpardee got dang! you would shake your head at the conditions my 7 pi live under. i think i put one of them in my back floorboard now covered in 4 feet of old motors and mcdonalds trash.

@vb25 😂 🤣

Long as they don't set any fires...

@rpardee anotehr notw chich model is that. and how much of that did you add? heat sink. fan?

@vb25 I got this here kit:

It's a pi 4 b. Gonna try it out as a desktop replacement for a bit & also some retropie gaming.

@rpardee @vb25 most of the full kits from canakit, vilros (sp?), several others, include at least an hdmi adapter if not a cable. They also have cases w/ what sinks and fans, power cable and charger (this used to be more important because some usb-c compliant chargers didn't work at first).

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