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Despite raging depression, an epic back-pain event lasting a few weeks, and getting peed on by our elderly cat, I finally published my Back To Mac piece on Medium. Get ready, cuz' it'll take you 20 minutes to read ;)

Hell, I've already thought of one point I forgot to include...

Just a reminder; I've got one year Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack codes for my family plan I'm happy to share. Just DM me and if I know you, I'll give you a code.

Whilst having a "stable genius" moment, I bought an NSO+EP Family plan for $80 instead of the individual plan for $50 a year. The result?

I have some codes I'm willing to give away. You get a full year of Nintendo Switch Online with the Expansion Pack included.

DM me if you want a code and do more with your Switch then pay off Tom Nook...

In lieu of my tardy Star Trek piece, I wrote this piece on the myth of keyboard efficiency. I'm still working the Trek piece, as well :) It WILL come...

To those who have expressed interest in my upcoming and delayed Star Trek piece, I'm getting there :) Almost done, TBH. Here's one sentence as a teaser:

As a life-long Trekkie, this summary of Discovery reads like the fever dream of a nine year-old who watched a few episodes for the first time while playing with crayons while binging sugar treats.

This Trek piece is taking a bit longer than I'd hoped, but I'm getting there :) It's gonna be a long read ;) Takes time to make it make sense, however LOLZ!!

It looks like I'm going to be wrapping up my piece on how JJ Abrams killed Star Trek and how we can fix it sometime today. I'm loving it so far, and hope you all do, as well 😀👍

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TIL Isaac Asimov, a 21-year-old American Jew watching Hitler’s seemingly unstoppable march across Europe in 1941, dreamed up the Foundation Trilogy and its fictional science of psychohistory as a means of assuring himself everything would be ok.

Well... THIS is quite the piece, and has opened my eyes to a few things I was previously unaware of, as well as some potential insight into who might have been behind the assassination of JFK. Pretty heady stuff, here. A whole lotta things just make a lot more sense now.

I tried to post this yesterday, but it wasn't working...

As much as I love music, I've not participated in these. Let's rectify that. My first pick is It Bites "Kiss Like Judas" like from their 1989 show in Tokyo.

Can I post again? Is this thing on? [TAP TAP TAP]

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Some people might find this helpful. I’m not sure about the utility of such a rules change, since eating out incurs additional costs over fresh, home-prepped food, meaning the dollar doesn’t stretch as far, and with today’s prices and limited availability, that’s not great.

About six years ago, having gotten tired of Wordpress, I switched to PostHaven for three years. I switched back a few years ago, and then left Bluehost to move to RootPal. Turns out that wasn’t the best of ideas...

Anyway, as a writer, I had a bunch of drafts just hanging out, doing nothing. This is one of them I decided to post, after making some minor grammar edits…

Full transparency, I live in Orange County, CA, the cradle of insurrectionist power. In SoCal you can count on great weather, high gas prices, and “California Republicans” which turn out are just Republicans.

…also whee.

With the start of a new year, I start bringing the “joy” again. Here’s my first love nugget of 2022, “The Colorado River is Dying.”


Came across a music video I posted back in 2016, reposted it, lost the blog due to crappy hosting, ran up the blog on a Local instance, extracted the post, and have posted it AGAIN on PostHaven.

ANY discussion from any time of race in America will remain salient until we earnestly start working on the problem. We’re heading in the wrong direction… for now.

PS: I just realized that PostHaven changes hashtags in post titles to the word “number.” LOLZ.

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