Looking to build out the directory of clean air businesses at cleanairstars.com. These are businesses that have either assessed adequacy of ventilation with engineering assessments or ongoing CO2 monitoring, or have installed mitigations like portable air filters or UVGI. Canada has a few (cleanairstars.com/directory) but we need more. Anyone can add one at the following link cleanairstars.com/add.

An option for Australian is this one below. 4x 3M filtrete 1900 20 X 20 x1 ($150) and a Dimplex 50cm DCBOX50MBK ($90) plus tape for a total of $250. At low speed (48dBA) it’s CADR Smoke ~600-850m3/hr.
$0.20-30 per CADR vs closest commercial competitor at $0.90 at <50dBA.
3-6mthly filter replacement costs if used daily may eat into upfront cost savings however (Starkvind HEPA filters for equivalent total CADR = 3x$20)

So @dfisman, now that I’m here, what’s a good way to find interesting accounts to follow?

Pieter Peach

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